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9+ Office Door Sign Templates in AI | InDesign | PSD

Getting from one location to another is an easy task, especially when you have a guide to help you. Whether you’re in a public space or office setting, you have signs everywhere. These square-like and bright-colored material is a visual instructional material for the benefit of everyone. If you have an office, you need to direct clients and employees to the right door avoiding problems and unintentional disruptions to work. This article has professional and custom office door sign templates that departments can use for their respective work areas.

9+ Office Event Email Templates in AI | InDesign | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher

An event is not successful without the presence of your esteemed guests. The same goes for office events. When you don’t have enough audience—whether investors, clients, or employees—the occasion will not have an impact on the company. That’s why when there are approaching events, companies should send email invites to their desired crowd. This article features well-written, professionally designed, and high-quality office event email invitation templates that enterprises can utilize at their own time.

10+ Office Birthday Email Templates in AI | InDesign | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher

No matter how old you are, the excitement and anticipation for your birthday celebration would never fade. Birthdays are always opportunities to celebrate with the important people in our lives. As children, we were with our families, enjoying the gifts they had for us. When we were teenagers, we preferred the comfort and familiarity of our friends’ companionship. As we entered adulthood, we spend this day in our offices and celebrate it during the limited hours of the day. But despite the hectic schedule, people still go out of their way to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. This article provides a list of birthday email invitations to make everyone aware of a special celebration.

10+ Office Potluck Invitation in Illustrator | InDesign | Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher

Most events are celebrated with delicious food. Summer days are made more fun and enjoyable with a barbeque grill and steaks. Chilly days at fall are made warm with comforting and hearty soups. Little celebrations are partnered with food, as well. Birthdays always have cakes. Job promotions are also made more fun and fulfilling by sharing food with your co-workers who celebrate success with you. Most in-office celebrations are potlucks. It is where each one brings a meal for everyone. If you have upcoming office celebrations and want to invite everyone, we have customizable sample potluck invitation templates that fit your preference.

10+ Office Opening Invitation in Illustrator | MS Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher | InDesign

When we open a new office, restaurant, cafe, and other business establishments, it is worth our time to celebrate the success of putting up a new business direction to life. It is of equal importance also to produce well-designed opening invitations for our friends, loved ones, and guests. Hence, a comprehensive list of invitation templates below can take you to the right place where you can fully have the freedom to create, modify, edit, and personalize opening invitations.