How Can I Embed a YouTube Video in Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is definitely one of the best applications out there that makes your outputs more interactive and effective especially when presented to a certain audience. With this, adding a YouTube video is no hassle for a Sway user.

How Can I Embed a YouTube Video in Microsoft Sway?

When it comes to embedding a Youtube video link to your presentation, it’s no hassle especially when you follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Sway

    63b08b1d54c0726083067b4023d05a36ac4175c4First, be already ready with the card wherein you want to put the link in. Immediately click the “Link” tab to get started.

  • Step 2: Get the YouTube Link

    c7db8348c33f8bded700c6a86ade96ee3a56369aOpen another tab to get the YouTube link.

  • Step 3: Processing Your YouTube Hyperlink

    f79d544c07aba14655dea56e368a72b2d2b5a7e4Once you have gotten your Youtube link, paste it on the “Web Link” indicated on the pop-up screen. Also, don’t forget to type in the “Display Text” wherein you want your link to be in.

  • Step 4: Test it Out

    342e12cd7cc4f06832aec845015798847925165fClick the “Design” tab on the right portion of your screen to go on to “Design” mode to test your video out by clicking on the highlighted word. Once this action is done, your YouTube video will automatically appear to another screen for you to watch.


Can I Embed a YouTube Hyperlink in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can definitely embed a YouTube hyperlink in your Sway presentation by pasting the link in your card.

Can I Embed a Stream Video in Microsoft Sway?

You can also embed a Stream video in your Sway by going through the same steps as aforementioned, making sure you already have your streaming URL ready.

Can I Embed a Sway Presentation in Microsoft Teams?

You cannot embed a Sway presentation in Microsoft Teams. Instead, you can embed your Sway into another application which is Sharepoint in order to share it in Microsoft Teams.

Is Sharepoint similar to Microsoft Sway?

Sharepoint and Microsoft might look quite similar. However, the difference is that Sway will make use of simpler tools for the user to be able to share their presentations to whoever or wherever they want without any restrictions.

What is Embed in Microsoft Sway?

Embed means that you can copy and paste any hyperlink of your choice into your output.