How Do I Convert a Video to Microsoft Sway?

To further enhance your Microsoft Sway presentation, you will be needing video or recordings that could be imported from your very own device. This is one of the many features Sway is offering to all of its users, both online and offline, to help them create more astonishing and engaging videos straight out of a typical presentation.

How Do I Convert a Video to Microsoft Sway?

Converting your video into your Microsoft Sway output is certainly quick and easy. Do take note of the following steps.

    • Step 1: Create a New Sway

      e41ab6d8e5cffb724a456444598ba58ddfc94d4fYou can either go to your online or offline Microsoft Sway account and create a new Sway presentation by clicking on the “Create New Sway” button.

    • Step 2: Insert Your Video from Your Device

      0cc685879ccf6746590de854afbb2b1fc71c0be9Once you’re on the homepage, put a title in the “Title” card and go to the right-hand portion of your window to click “Insert” and proceed to “Suggested” in order to tap “My Device”.

    • Step 3: Select the Video

      c8ddfe1d2b429e03ce95925765ee2a85b8e5542aThis time, you will be directed to a new window where your files are located. With this, select the file that you want to upload to your Sway. Click “Open”.


    Remember that Microsoft Sway supports typical video file formats, such as .mov and .mp4 when it comes to importing video files. Moreover, the video quality will remain the same even after uploading it to the application.

    • Step 4: Wait Until Microsoft Sway’s Importing Process is Done

      2bc0b2fc8a201c949ef8ca05b36bfef6d2764c2dOnce you have clicked “Open”, you will have to wait for a few seconds for Microsoft Sway to get your video ready. You will receive a notification when it’s finished.

    • Step 5: Preview Your Video

      87c4fe337a2fa747ba21299da98b528c337f2ba1Check your video by clicking the “Play” button.


    Can I Insert a File into My Microsoft Sway Output?

    Yes. You can insert any type of file into your Microsoft Sway Output considering it’s from Microsoft 365 thus supporting different other Microsoft document types as well.

    Can I Add a YouTube Video to My Microsoft Sway Output?

    Yes. You can embed a YouTube video in any of your Microsoft Sway output just by clicking the “Suggestions” icon on the top right portion of your screen and searching for the video you want to place in after clicking the “YouTube” option. Don’t forget to drag the thumbnail into your video card.

    Can I Embed Other Online Contents into My Microsoft Sway?

    You can definitely place other online content into your Microsoft Sway. Just try to navigate through your online content options in the drop-down menu of “Suggestions”.

    Can I Put Multiple Videos on Sway?

    You can definitely put multiple videos on Sway just by dragging and inserting recommended videos into your “Storyline”. Moreover, you can also import multiple videos from your personal computer.

    How to Review My Microsoft Sway?

    To review your Sway, simply click the “Play” button on the top right-hand corner of your page. The application will automatically show your presentation.