How Do You Change a Powerpoint to Sway?

When it comes to editing presentations it is true that most people today make use of Microsoft Sway given its simple tools that are constantly upgraded for a better user experience. With this, there might be times that you will need to switch from MS Powerpoint to Sway for you to make your output more interactive.

How Do You Change a Powerpoint to Sway?

When it comes to changing an MS Powerpoint into Microsoft Sway, you will need to do some more steps to get started.

    • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Sway

      fb779107fc7af18e801f0c07838943a01104ac05First, you will need to open your Microsoft Sway, whether online or offline, for you to get started. Once you’re on the homepage, click the “Start from a document” icon on the far left of your screen.

    • Step 2: Personal Files will Automatically Appear

      580e8eee23a819e8a35f41a2d52476764f7dd1d5When you have done Step 1, a pop-up screen that contains your personal files will appear and now you can select which Powerpoint file you want to transfer.

    • Step 3: Processing Your Powerpoint

      414b69eb85b69d7a00ed61ae5140956a30cefd61Double-click the file you have chosen and wait for a couple of seconds for Microsoft Sway to process everything.

    • Step 4: Edit Carefully

      ec64f6f68f404b9ac58ec6ae2d89a5ab8680198bOnce the processing is finished, you can now start editing further changes using Microsoft Sway.


    Some of your MS Powerpoint slides might look different once integrated into your Microsoft Sway. Do make sure to make further changes and edit thoroughly to get the kind of output you want.


    How to Convert My Powerpoint Presentation into a Sway?

    To convert your Powerpoint Presentation into a Sway one, you will need to open Sway and click “Start from a document” and from there you can select which document you want to convert. 

    Is Microsoft Sway Easier than Powerpoint?

    Microsoft Sway is easier than Powerpoint considering that it has fewer tools that are easy to navigate through but still does the same job as Powerpoint.

    Do People Still Use MS Powerpoint?

    Yes, people still use MS Powerpoint given that it is much more accessible offline.

    Do People Still Use Microsoft Sway?

    Yes, people still use Microsoft Sway given that it has two versions; offline and online.

    How to Embed Your Sway Link? 

    Embed your Sway link by clicking the green icon that says “copy” in order to copy and paste the URL to your desired online communication platform.