How do you make a Visual Link in Microsoft Sway?

Copying a visual link of your Sway presentation has been made easier by Microsoft letting you have it in just one click. Your Microsoft Sway visual link will not only help you gain more digital audiences but also let you know how often each link in the mail is clicked.

Know how to create the visual link of your Sway presentation through these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Select a Finished Sway


    When you have reached your Microsoft Sway account, whether online or offline, look through your finished Sway output and select one you want to use.

  • Step 2: Click “Share” to tap on “Get Visual Link”


    Once you reach your Sway “Storyline” page, click “Share” on the left corner of your screen to tap on “Get Visual Link”.

  • Step 3: “Copy this thumbnail and paste it into an email message.”


    A pop-up window will immediately appear after you have done Step 2. With this, copy the thumbnail in order to paste it into an email message.

  • Step 4: Paste it on your Email


    Paste the link into your email.


What is a Visual Link in Microsoft Sway?

A visual link in Microsoft Sway can help you create a more engaging for your digital audience to click to which is typically sent through emails.

Can I embed Hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can embed hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway just by activating the “Embed” card and pasting in your copied embedded code.

Can I hyperlink an Image in Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely hyperlink an image in Microsoft Sway just by copying its code and pasting it into your activated “Embed” card.

Can I Upload my Own Image into My Microsoft Sway Presentation?

Yes. You can upload an image from your computer to your Microsoft Sway presentation by clicking the “Suggested” button and tapping “My Device” afterward.

How Many Types of Cards are in Microsoft Sway?

There are five types of cards in Microsoft Sway. The following are Picture card, Video card, Tweet card, Embed card, and Preview card.