How Do You Share a Sway with External Users?

When it comes to sharing content, Microsoft Sway is the perfect application that helps you and your colleagues interact and collaborate using simple yet effective tools. However, there might be some features that need some more customization in order for you to work your way more efficiently.

How Do You Share a Sway with External Users?

Controlling our external sharing options might need you to take some additional steps in order to achieve the kind of security you want.

  • Step 1: Sign in to Microsoft 365

    b468a76ccdf7a9b79c6380cce8461ce2dae12becSign in to your school or company Microsoft365 account.

  • Step 2: Navigate to Settings

    117d6ba6d99c3443d08adf11e20d75beb70d32e8Once you’re in your Microsoft 365 homepage, click the dotted square icon, which is the Services page, on the top left corner of your page and scroll down to click the “Sway” option.

  • Step 3: Check the Boxes

    03c45d3ab9f8af263e9bc3a725b5fe877e346f57Once you’re in the Sway admin center, check the boxes having the following options: “Let the people in your organization share their Sways with external people” and “Let people in your organization look up people and security groups”.


Can People Who Don’t Use Microsoft View Sway Presentations?

Yes. Microsoft Sway can let people view your Sway presentation online, on the web and free, even without the need of installing Microsoft 365.

How to Add Someone in Microsoft Sway?

You can add someone in your Microsoft Sway presentation by sending them your link.

How to Make a Sway Presentation Available for Viewing?

You can make your Sway presentation public by sharing your link. Any user can view or edit your presentation as long as he or she has a link.

How to Copy Link in Microsoft Sway?

Copy your link in Microsoft Sway by clicking the “Share” icon and tapping the green “Copy” link on the right side of your link.

Is Microsoft Sway a Website?

Microsoft Sway is available through their official website which also makes it a website.