How Do You Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Meetings have traditionally benefited from the use of whiteboards. Meetings over the internet can now be more efficient than ever, thanks to Microsoft Teams’ handy Whiteboard tool. how-do-you-use-whiteboard-in-microsoft-teams

How Do You Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Simply opening the Whiteboard is the first thing to do when you want to use it. It may be accessed even when the Team is meeting. Therefore, you will need to launch the Teams app and either initiate a new meeting by tapping the button labeled “New Meeting” that is located in the top right corner of the screen or choose an existing meeting that is either now taking place or is about to begin.

    • Step 1: Launch the Whiteboard feature

      You have the option of selecting the “Share Tray” icon when in the meeting screen for Teams. After that, a window will show up that contains a button labeled “Microsoft Whiteboard.” To begin the whiteboarding session, you must first choose this button.


      • Step 2: Draw

        Simply click and drag your pointer over the whiteboard area to begin drawing. You can use your finger or a pen to sketch on a touchscreen device. The touchscreen functionalities of an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone can still be used in meetings even if your primary work gadget does not have one.


      • Step 3: Present the Whiteboard in your meetings

        Because it is part of the meeting feature in Microsoft Teams, the Whiteboard is immediately shared with everyone in the meeting. Just being at the meeting is enough to access the Whiteboard. If you choose to Collaborate, everyone in the meeting can make changes to the Whiteboard in real-time.

      • Step 4: Access the Whiteboard at a Later Time.

        It goes without saying that the Whiteboard is there for more than just your meeting. If you’d like to go back and look at the ideas you drew on it later, feel free. As you can see, this is a simple procedure. If you’re using the Microsoft Whiteboard app, you can navigate to the Board Gallery view by clicking on the Whiteboard tab. You’ll be able to see, modify, and export your Whiteboard from there.


      What is Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams?

      A digital whiteboard is made available to users of the Microsoft Whiteboard software to sketch, write, and engage in other types of creative expression.

      What are Whiteboards used for?

      Despite the fact that it is available as stand-alone software, the Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams is typically used in meetings. A physical whiteboard’s creative, communicative, brainstorming, and presenting potential can be replicated via the internet with this simple tool.

      Can everyone in the meeting see my Whiteboard in MS Teams?

      The Whiteboard will be visible to everyone in the room during the meeting. The individual who creates the Whiteboard can either display their work (making them the only person who may update it) or work together with others (everyone can edit it).

      What can you sketch in Whiteboard?

      You are free to sketch out whatever you like on the Whiteboard because it provides you with practically endless inventiveness in the drawing.

      Can you add other elements to your Whiteboard sketch?

      Text and sticky notes can be added as well as other items and elements. There are buttons for redo and undo actions for each individual user. It’s easier than ever to erase something that didn’t quite work out on a standard whiteboard.