How to Add Fonts to Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint custom fonts are perfect for making creative content for your presentation at work or in school. If you prefer to download unique fonts rather than sticking to their default size or style, then this article will help you add fonts to your PPT. how-to-add-fonts-to-microsoft-powerpoint

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How to Add Fonts to Microsoft PowerPoint

Embed fonts and replace the default font book on your Microsoft PowerPoint with a plethora of text styles. And these are the steps you need to add fonts to MS PowerPoint correctly:

  • Step 1: Look for a Trusted Site with Font Files


    The Internet has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to creative and unique font styles. And these fonts come in files that are usually compressed in .zip folders. When these font files are zipped, unzip them immediately by right-clicking the .zip folder and tapping “Extract” or “Extract To.” Don’t forget to choose which folder you want the extracted files to be stored.

  • Step 2: Download the Font Files


    Once you have extracted the files, proceed to right-click on the fonts you like to download and click “Install.” Your computer may ask permission for it to create changes so if you trust the file, select “Yes.” Then, make sure to double-check if it was installed in PowerPoint because it may apply to Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office tools.

  • Step 3: Restart Your Computer and Open MS PowerPoint


    Before you use Microsoft Office PowerPoint, turn off your computer first and restart it. This is to ensure that the next time you open MS PowerPoint, the fonts you installed will be listed there already. Afterward, open or make a new PPT presentation, then click on any text box you have in a slide. Select the drop-down arrow of the font face which is found on the upper menu. Then, check if the new custom font is there.

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Can you add fonts to Microsoft PowerPoint online?

Yes, fonts can be added to the Microsoft Office online server as long as the font files are .otf files.

Where are fonts found in PowerPoint?

Fonts in PowerPoint are found on the “Home” tab while other versions are found on the “Design” tab.

How do I add a font to PowerPoint on a Mac?

Use the “Font Book” on Mac to add fonts and make sure to copy those to the “Windows Office Compatible” folder.

How do I install a new font in MS PowerPoint?

To add new fonts to Microsoft PowerPoint, click “File” on the top menu, select “Fonts,” and choose “Install New Font.”

Which fonts can be embedded in PowerPoint?

In MS PowerPoints, the fonts you can embed are only TTF (TrueType fonts) while the previous PFB (Adobe’s PostScript/Type 1 fonts) or latest OTF (OpenType fonts) aren’t supported.

How do I save a custom font in PowerPoint?

Go to “File,” select “Options,” head to the “Save” tab, and choose “Embed fonts in the file” under the words “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation.”