How to Add Sections in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an accessible tool for creating surveys in easy-to-answer forms. You can break up your questions into sections to label each section with its appropriate part. how-to-add-sections-in-microsoft-forms

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How to Add Sections in Microsoft Forms

Breaking your form into sections is not as complicated as one would expect even if it is an existing form that you may already have completed. This is why Microsoft Forms is the ideal site to create your forms with as it helps you with easy means of formatting or arranging the contents of your form.

  • Step 1: Access Your Microsoft Forms


    The first step you should do is to open your form by accessing the Microsoft Forms site. Entering your login information will bring you to your Forms portal where you can see existing forms you have completed or have the option to make a brand new one.

  • Step 2: Select ‘Add New’

    You can either open the chosen form or create a new blank form, which either way, will present you with the option to insert a question. Click the ‘Add New’ button and the different types of questions will appear for you to select from.

  • Step 3: Click ‘More Question Types’


    To locate the ‘Section’ button, you would need to go to the furthest portion of the ‘Types of Questions’ that have opened up and click on the arrow down button, or also known as the chevron symbol. A panel will open up providing you with more options presenting the Ranking, Likert, FIle upload, Net Promoter Score, and at the end of the panel is Section.

  • Step 4: Add Section Title and Description

    After you click on the Selection option, you may add a section title and description to give the questions in this particular section more context. You may not have to do it, but it will certainly help responders be more aware of what the section is about.

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Can you have sub-questions in Microsoft Forms?

Yes, but you may only branch to a subsequent query, not a previous one; so if you want to branch out a previous question, you may need to delete preceding questions.

What is a section in Microsoft forms?

Sections allow you to divide your long-form into smaller chunks and separate group-related inquiries into their own parts.

Can you shuffle questions in sections on Microsoft Forms?

In the settings option, clicking this checked will reorder the questions in your form so that they appear in different orders per respondent.

Can you customize Microsoft Forms?

You can give your MS Forms a customized appearance, select a theme, include background or personal images, and even play around with a background color.

How do you insert a table in Microsoft Forms?

Place the cursor on the form template where you want to enter the layout table, click ‘Insert’ then lay out the table arrangement in the ‘Tables toolbar’ or as the table dialogue box opens up.