How to Change Background on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a social collaboration and management software that allows users to personalize how they digitally appear in a meeting. This allows users to have agency in how they would present themselves during a meeting. how-to-change-background-on-microsoft-teams

How to Change Background on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a vast selection of in-house backgrounds created by the graphic designers of Microsoft Office, which the user can use in place of their camera feed’s background. Alternatively, Microsoft Teams allows the user to upload their background to use in the meeting.

  • Step 1 – Launch Any Version of Microsoft Teams on the Desktop


    Begin by launching or opening any version of Microsoft Teams on the user’s desktop or preferred web browser. This feature is also available on the app and apple version of Microsoft Teams.

  • Step 2 – Toggle the Meeting Tab


    The user will now have to change their current view to the Meeting view. This can be accomplished by clicking the Meeting button on the ribbon located on the left side of the window.

  • Step 3 – Start or Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams


    To use this feature the user must start a meeting in Microsoft Teams. The user can start a meeting by clicking the “Meet now” button on the Meet view of Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, the user can schedule a meeting via the “Meet later” button and start the meeting via the calendar.

  • Step 4 – Open the Apply Background Effects View on the Meeting


    When the user has started the meeting, they will be presented with a different set of options that they can use to affect the meeting. To change your background, the user will first click the ··· button and select the Apply background effects button.

  • Step 5a – Select a Preloaded Background


    After the user has clicked the option, a separate pane will appear with preloaded backgrounds. The user can click any of these preloaded backgrounds and select the “Apply and turn on Video” to apply the background on the user’s camera feed.

  • Step 5b – Upload a Custom Background


    Alternatively, the user can upload a photo to act as their camera feed’s background. Start by clicking the “Add new” button, select the desired picture, press open, and finally click the “Apply and turn on video” to finalize your background.


Will Microsoft Teams regulate or police any of the backgrounds set by the participants of a Teams meeting?

No, Microsoft Teams does not have any automatic policing of the pictures the users have set as their custom background during a Teams meeting; any policing and regulating will have to be done by someone inside the meeting.

How long does it take for Microsoft Teams to change my camera feed’s background?

Microsoft Teams will instantly change the background of your camera’s feed, but it is highly dependent on the user’s internet connection as it will have to both download and upload the asset used as the camera feed’s background.

How many times can I change my background in a single Microsoft Teams meeting?

You can change your camera feed’s background as many times as you want in a single Microsoft Teams meeting; just note that if you keep on changing your camera feed’s background, other people can see this action as something that is distracting or irritating to see.

Will my custom background disappear when I join a different Microsoft Teams meeting on the same day?

Any changes or edits the user have done on their background will only persist in the meeting it was made in, this means you will have to manually change your background upon joining a new meeting.

Is there a way to increase the image quality of my background in Microsoft Teams?

No, there is no way to change the image quality of the picture you set as your background in Microsoft Teams; if you want your background’s image quality to improve, then you will need to upload a more HD version of the picture.