How to Change Microsoft Outlook Theme

To change the Microsoft Outlook theme is one of the many impressive features of using Outlook; the program boasts a range of customizable preferences including your MS Outlook’s background color, layout color scheme, and overall theme. And setting the Microsoft Outlook theme can be changed whenever you want. how-to-change-microsoft-outlook-theme

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How to Change Microsoft Outlook Theme

Whether you use MS Outlook from the Microsoft Office 365 suite or via, make sure to sign in to Microsoft Outlook first. Then, you can follow the rest of the steps below for changing the theme in Outlook efficiently:

    • Step 1: Access the Inbox Theme under Settings


      Once you are signed in to Microsoft Outlook, click the gear icon on the top-right corner to access the Settings. You will need it to start changing the inbox theme of your Outlook account. Next, choose a theme from the Featured category.


    • Step 2: Select an Appearance and Save


      Under Settings, you can also just click “General,” “Appearance,” and “Theme.” And you will see a lot of themes with different color schemes to choose from. Click on your preferred theme and tap “Save” to apply the changes.

    • Step 3: Set a Dark Mode Theme in Outlook


      You can follow step two and scroll down from the Appearance group to reach Outlook “Dark mode.” Then, click “Save.” But if you are using MS Outlook on Mac, go to the Apple icon on the upper left of your screen. Then, click “System Preferences” followed by “General.” Then, select “Dark” from the Appearance category. It will not only set Outlook in dark mode but also the other apps on your Mac.

    • Step 4: Access File Options on Outlook for Windows


      In using the Windows Outlook app, open Outlook first. Next, go to “File,” “Options,” and select “Office Theme” from the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office section. Pick one from over four Office themes such as colorful, dark gray, black, and white. Then, tap “OK” to save changes.


    How do I apply stationery to messages in Microsoft Outlook?

    Open MS Outlook, click “File,” go to “Options,” select “Mail,” choose “Stationery and Fonts,” pick “Theme” from the Personal Stationery group, choose your preferred stationery or theme, look for your favorite font options, and click “OK.”

    Can you change the Outlook app theme?

    Yes, just open the Outlook app, select “Outlook,” go to “Preferences,” select “General,” and choose from any appearance may it be “Light,” “Dark,” or “System.”

    How do I customize my Outlook font view?

    In Microsoft Outlook, go to “View,” choose “View Settings,” select “Other Settings from the Advanced View Settings tab, click “Column Font or Row Font,” pick your font preferences, and click “OK.”

    How do I change Outlook to classic view?

    In MS Outlook, select “Outlook” from the upper left side, deselect “New Outlook” from the options given, close Microsoft Outlook, and open Outlook again to see Outlook’s classic view.

    Where can I get themes in Microsoft Office?

    Head to the Office 365 home page, choose any theme from the settings, and save the changes.