How to Change the Background on Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to have agency in how their whiteboards will be presented as. The user can easily distinguish their whiteboards by changing the format of their whiteboard.

How to Change the Background on Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard used to allow the user to set up the background of their whiteboard during start-up. This feature has been removed in the more recent updates of Microsoft Whiteboard and will now require the user to manually change the background of the whiteboard.

  • Step 1: Launch the Program Version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the Desktop

    To change the background of a specific whiteboard on Microsoft Whiteboard, the user must first launch Microsoft Whiteboard on their desktop. The user will now need to sign in to the Microsoft Office account with the whiteboard they want to work on.

  • Step 2: Select or Create a Whiteboard to Change the Background

    Since the background change will only affect individual whiteboards, the user must either select an existing whiteboard or create a new one. To create a new whiteboard, the user will just have to press the “Add whiteboard” button located in the top left corner of the whiteboard list. If the user wants to select an existing whiteboard, they will need to left-click the said whiteboard in the list.

  • Step 3: Toggle the Option Dropdown

    After the whiteboard has been opened and loaded, the user will now have the opportunity to change the background of the whiteboard. To begin the whole process, the user will need to access the Options drop-down by pressing the gear-shaped button on the top-right corner of the window.

  • Step 4: Enter the Format Background Pane

    The Format Background pane allows the user to interact and change the format of the whiteboard’s background. After the user has toggled the Options dropdown, they will need to click the “Format Background” button.

  • Step 5: Format the Background

    The Format Background pane is composed of two categories that will affect the whiteboard as a whole. The color category allows the user to select the overall color of the whiteboard. The grid category inserts a specific type of grid onto the whiteboard. To user can format their background by selecting any of the options inside these categories.


Can I use a picture as a background for the whiteboard?

No, Microsoft Whiteboard doesn’t have any functions inside of the software to allow the user to use a picture as the background of the whiteboard.

Can I edit the background of the whiteboard after changing it once?

Yes, you can; Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to edit their whiteboard background as many times as they want.

When changing my whiteboard’s background color to black, my drawings disappeared; what happened?

The most common reason that this happens is that the color of the drawing you made is the same as the background, essentially making them camouflage with the background; to fix this issue, you may change your background color to something else or you can redraw all the affected drawings with another color.

Is there a way to change my whiteboard’s background without using a mouse?

There is no way to change the background of your whiteboard without using your mouse as the program requires the input of the mouse to access the Change the Background option on Microsoft Whiteboard.

Can I use this feature on the web version of Microsoft Whiteboard?

The Change the Background feature is available in all the versions of Microsoft Whiteboard, and the web version undergoes the same process to change the background of the whiteboard.