How to Conduct a Brainstorm in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital canvas that has been developed to cater to collaborations and group works. This software allows users to easily facilitate and conduct brainstorming sessions online due to Microsoft Whiteboards’ collaborative and creative features.

How to Conduct a Brainstorm in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard offers numerous features when it comes to facilitating brainstorming sessions online. One of these features is the ability of Microsoft Whiteboard to seamlessly create a brainstorming table or space on the whiteboard through the use of templates.

  • Step 1: Open Either the Web or the Program Version of Microsoft Whiteboard

    The Brainstorm templates are available on all versions of Microsoft Whiteboard. Begin by opening and accessing any version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the user’s desktop.

  • Step 2: Create or Select a Whiteboard to Brainstorm on

    After the user has accessed Microsoft Whiteboard, they will have to select an existing whiteboard to insert the Brainstorm template on. But if the user has no existing whiteboard or doesn’t want to use an existing whiteboard, they can opt to create a new one by clicking the “Add whiteboard” button.

  • Step 3: Toggle the Create Pane

    The Templates tool is located on the Create Pane of Microsoft Whiteboard. To access the Create Pane, the user will need to press the “+” button on the left side of the page.

  • Step 4: Select the Templates Button

    After the user has opened the Create pane, they will now be able to view all the tools available on the pane. To select and view the Brainstorm templates offered by Microsoft Whiteboard, the user will need to press the “Templates” button.

  • Step 5: Choose a Brainstorm Template

    The “Templates” button will show the user the available categories of templates that they may insert into the whiteboard. By clicking the Brainstorm category, the user will then view the different types of Brainstorm templates they can use. Select a Brainstorm template by left-clicking the template.

  • Step 6: Insert the Template into the Whiteboard

    By selecting a Brainstorm template, the user can now insert the template into the whiteboard. Hover the cursor over the designated spot and left-click to insert or place the selected template onto the whiteboard.


Can I edit any of the objects in the Brainstorm template after it has been inserted onto the whiteboard?

You can edit any of the objects inserted by the template that you have used since Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to manipulate objects on the whiteboard to a certain extent.

How do I copy and paste objects from the template on the whiteboard?

You can easily copy and paste objects by selecting them via left click, choosing the Copy option from the toolbar, right-click on the desired space, and selecting the Paste option from the dropdown; alternatively, the user can use CTRL + C to copy the selected object and CTRL + P to paste on a specific location.

How do I select all the objects from the chosen brainstorm template in Microsoft Whiteboard?

The Lasso Select tool allows the user to select multiple objects at once, use the Lasso Select tool by selecting the tool on the toolbar, and use the lasso tool to draw a circle around all of the template’s objects.

Can I use any of the pen, highlight, and erase tools on the inserted brainstorm template in Microsoft Whiteboard?

Yes, you can use any of the drawing tools on the objects inserted by the Brainstorm template; just take note of how object layers work and interact with each other in Microsoft Whiteboard.

In Microsoft Teams, will any change I make on the objects of the inserted brainstorm template immediately reflect the other participant’s view of the whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard immediately syncs and updates the shared whiteboard whenever a change occurs on the shared whiteboard, ensuring that the other participants can see any changes made in real-time.