How to Control Junk/Spam Email in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook boasts a range of features on how to block spam messages with the junk or spam filter. And if you need to control junk or spam emails in Microsoft Outlook like a pro, you can do that by either blocking the sender or marking emails as junk. how-to-control-junkspam-email-in-microsoft-outlook

How to Control Junk/Spam Email in Microsoft Outlook

To control your spam messages is one of the effective ways to filter Microsoft Outlook emails. And you can achieve that effective control by doing the following steps:

  • Step 1: Sign In to Microsoft Outlook


    First things first, open the Microsoft Outlook app from the Microsoft Office 365 subscription or head to Then, provide your user ID/email address and password to sign in to Microsoft Outlook. Click “Sign in” until you can view the Outlook interface and proceed to “Mail.”

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  • Step 2: Block the Sender of Spam Messages


    The first option you can try for controlling junk mail is to block the spam sender. Right-click on an email you suspect as spam and select “Junk.” Next, choose “Block Sender.” For other versions, the step is to click “Spam” followed by “Block.” Just look at what is available on the menu of your Outlook version.

  • Step 3: Mark Email as Junk on the Top Menu


    The other alternative is to mark emails as junk on the top menu of your Outlook window. Click on the messages you consider spam from your inbox. Then at the upper menu of your screen, click “Spam” followed by “Block” or “Junk” followed by “Block Sender.” This option is highly recommended because if that same email address has sent you numerous messages, such messages would automatically be directed to your Junk folder, not in your inbox.

  • Step 4: Unblock Someone in Case of a Mistake

    Maybe you ended up blocking a contact whom you thought sent a spam message, but actually, it isn’t. You can unblock that contact by opening the Block senders list from your mail. Then, click “Remove” beside that contact’s name. Thus, you can receive that contact’s messages inside your Outlook inbox once again.


What if an Outlook email was sent to the Junk folder by mistake?

In MS Outlook, open your Junk folder, choose “Not junk” or “Not spam” from the upper menu of your screen, and include the sender to your Safe senders list.

How long can I keep Junk emails in Microsoft Outlook?

MS Outlook allows you to keep all Junk emails for at least 30 days, and they would be gone automatically and permanently after that.

Are spam messages harmful?

Spam messages are not exactly harmful because you can skip them or mark them as junk from your email anytime; however, they can get harmful if you have clicked certain attachments and links from a spam message and have provided some of your private or personal information there.