How to create a Digital Lesson using Microsoft Sway?

Creating a digital lesson is made easy using Microsoft Sway considering that it features a variety of templates that are quick and easy to use especially for users who are making time-constraint projects. Simply click on a template you want to use and fill in your content as well as images–you can always navigate to design mode later on.

How to create a Digital Lesson using Microsoft Sway?

To explore more of Microsoft Sway by creating a digital lesson, take note of the following steps.

  • Step 1: Start from the “Student Report” Template


    When you have reached your Microsoft Sway account, whether online or offline, look through the offered templates and click “Student Report”.

  • Step 2: Getting Started with the “Title” Card


    Start by filling out the spaces in the offered format. Type in your desired “Title” for your lesson and add your name and some other important teaching details in the card underneath.

  • Step 3: Fill in your Content


    Start making categories or divided parts of your lessons by placing one in a “Stack” group. The subcategory of your topic should go to the “Heading” portion of the stack and the definition should be in the “Text” card. Moreover, add some images to make your Sway even more presentable and engaging.

  • note-iconNote

    You can repeat Step 3 until you have filled out all of your subcategories into your Sway “Storyline”.

  • Step 4: Add some Endnotes


    To make your digital lesson more interactive, you can add some endnotes at the end part of your lesson. These endnotes can consist of quotes, fun facts, or any other alternatives that are enjoyable for your digital audience.

  • Step 5: Don’t Forget to Cite your References


    To increase credibility, cite your sources at the end of your Sway.


Can You Make a Digital Lesson Using Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely make blogs through Microsoft Sway considering it has a variety of ready-made presentation format types and templates that you can easily use and write on.

How to Save Sway?

You can save your Sway for offline use by converting it into a Word document or a PDF.

Is Microsoft Sway Safe?

Microsoft Sway is safe especially when you use it offline through installing the whole Microsoft Office 365.

Is Microsoft Sway Free to Use?

Yes. You can use Microsoft Sway free by going to their official website. Remember to stay online to save your output.

How is Microsoft Sway Interactive?

Microsoft Sway is interactive, given that you can share your presentation to users via copied link. This way, invited users can easily either view or edit your presentation anytime and anywhere online.