How to Create a Microsoft Sway Presentation

Microsoft Sway offers a variety of options for you on how to create content, especially storytelling-based presentations or reports. This Microsoft 365 application has a unique feature called “Storyline” which allows you to stylize divided content into “Cards” wherein you can easily change or edit its sections and even drag them wherever you want them to be in your presentation.

How to Create a Microsoft Sway Presentation

In order to create a prepossessing Microsoft Sway presentation, you don’t only have to depend on your content, but you will also have to add in more composition to give an impression of being absolutely inclined to having a clear draft right from the start.

  • Step 1: Click “Business Presentation” as your Starting Template


    Once you have your homepage on your screen, whether it’s online or offline, immediately click “Business Presentation” for you to start editing your blank canvas.

  • Step 2: Start with your First Card in the Storyline


    The first card is the first dialog box you can see onscreen and it is where you will be placing your title. Moreover, on its left, you can add your background image by clicking the “Insert” icon on the top right corner to drag a relevant image into your card.

  • Step 3: Select “+” to Add More Cards


    Adding more cards means you can add more content into your presentation. Click the “+” button to select the type of card you want to add; you can have “Text,” “Media,” or “Group”. Carefully choose what type you want to add and see if it suits the style of presentation you want to share.

  • Step 4: Customize your Sway


    You can further customize your presentation by changing the typography, playing with textures, selecting different colors, and sticking to a particular layout. Just click the “Design” tab beside “Storyline” which will then lead you to another part of your Microsoft Sway where you see more style options you want to incorporate into your presentation.

  • Step 5: Review your Sway


    Review and see how your presentation would look to other users by clicking “Play” that’s on the top right portion of your screen. Once you click, it’ll automatically play the Sway that you have just customized yourself.


How to Make a Good Microsoft Sway Presentation?

You can make an absolutely great Microsoft Sway Presentation not just simply by putting in your content, but also navigating through the designs and customizing tools offered by the app to you. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to design an outstanding Sway presentation that’s not only content-based but has a touch of style added to it.

Is Microsoft Sway Good for Students?

Yes. Just like MS Powerpoint, Microsoft Sway is quite easy to use and thus rated as student-friendly worldwide.

Is Microsoft Sway Good for Professionals?

Yes. Although equipped with simple tools, professionals on the go can use this application especially when it comes to making impromptu presentations or reports that are needed to be shared during meetings.

Is Microsoft Sway Interactive?

Microsoft Sway is indeed interactive considering that it has an online share feature in which you can freely copy the link of your output to other users on the web.

Can I transfer an MS Powerpoint document to Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can transfer an MS Powerpoint Document on your Microsoft Sway. There are two options; you can either make a new Microsoft Sway presentation from an imported MS Powerpoint file, or you can just add in the contents from your MS Powerpoint file in the Sway.