How to Create Your First Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is one of the easiest applications one could use without breaking one’s bank or sweat. However, before creating your first Microsoft Sway, you might need to go through some more steps.

How to Create Your First Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway will help you create outstanding presentations with just a few clicks and swipes. With this, you will need to follow some prerequisites in order to get your very first Sway presentation.

  • Step 1: For Online Editing, Use Google Chrome to Log in to Your Microsoft Office Account

    e63488214cec50a89ccbfcda8fa72cc1a033b203If you don’t have Windows on your PC, you can use it on the web for free. Just remember to sign in to your very own account for you to move on to their official website on your web browser.

  • Step 2: For Offline Editing, Click Microsoft Sway from your Microsoft Office

    f8c7562c5f2f38b8584d386348d456ed69dcbf33If you have a fully installed Microsoft Sway on your PC, all you have to do is click on the icon before starting a project.

  • Step 3: Click “Create New” to Create New Project

    4c4021dbbf3f968a7b13d912a2c9155c85c892b0Once you’re on the Microsoft Sway homepage. Simply click “Create New” as shown on the left side of your screen to create your very first Microsoft Sway.


Is It Easy to Sign In to Microsoft Sway?

Yes, just remember to have your Microsoft account ready for you to log in to your Microsoft Sway account–whether online or offline.

Is There an iOS App for Microsoft Sway?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Sway was last used by iOS users last December 17, 2018. Now, it is unavailable for good in app stores worldwide.

Is Microsoft Sway the New MS Powerpoint?

Although regarded as quite similar, each one is different in terms of features and functionality. However, Microsoft Sway was released in August 2015, which is quite recent, thus making it newer than MS Powerpoint.

Is Microsoft Sway Part of Microsoft 365?

Yes, it is part of Microsoft 365 which helps users in making more interactive presentations not only offline but also online.

Can I Use Sway to Make Presentations?

Yes, you can use this application in making presentations following its simple tools that are reminiscent of MS Powerpoint. However, it is proven that its design makes it easier for users to edit and share with other users as well.