How to Disable Sync Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint currently has 200 million users as of 2020 which proves that this application has been every user’s favorite since 2001. With this, its usage varies from one organization to another.

How to Disable Sync Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint users typically save their files in a Microsoft-created application as well which is called OneDrive. However, users can freely choose other storage websites they want to incorporate into their teams and could definitely follow the following steps in order to disable syncing with OneDrive.

  • Step 1: Check One Drive Folder in Your Personal Computer


    Click on the additional applications installed in your personal computer and navigate to the dock. Proceed to click on the desired OneDrive folder that you want to stop syncing with your SharePoint.


The following processes are compatible with users who have personal computers supporting Microsoft.

  • Step 2: Right-Click to Stop Syncing


    Once you have chosen which OneDrive folder to disable sync in, right-click to see the drop-down menu and quickly tap “Stop Syncing this Folder”.

  • Step 3: Pick a File


    When you have done Step 2, a pop-up window will appear on your screen for you to pick a specific file you want to stop syncing. With this, click a particular file and tap the “Stop Syncing” button.

  • Step 4: Click “Yes” to Permanently Delete


    Another pop-up window appears for further configuration and with this, click “Yes” to permanently delete the chosen file.

  • Step 5: Additional Reminder


    The last pop-up window will appear which will give you an additional reminder that you have successfully disabled syncing Microsoft Share with the OneDrive file you have chosen. Click “OK”.


Can you save Documents in SharePoint?

You can save documents in SharePoint by selecting the item you want to save and clicking the file tab. From this, you can immediately click “Save As” and choose from the options available on how you want your document to be saved.

Is SharePoint and OneDrive the same?

SharePoint and OneDrive are different since SharePoint is a collaborative space for documenting. Meanwhile, OneDrive is the cloud storage given by Microsoft.

Where are the Files in Microsoft SharePoint Saved? 

You can save your Microsoft SharePoint files in OneDrive.

Is SharePoint free?

No. You can only get SharePoint if your organization or company offers you a Microsoft SharePoint account. Businesses or organization owners cannot get this application for free unless they purchase the monthly Office 365 developer subscription through Microsoft.

Is it Difficult to Learn How to Use SharePoint?

No. It is not difficult to learn how to use SharePoint since Microsoft offers step-by-step instructional notes on their official website for you to effectively use the application.