How to Draw a Straight Line Without the Ruler Tool on Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard has plenty of accessibility and shortcuts that the user can use in making the contents of their whiteboard. These shortcuts will cut the number of clicks the user will have to do to accomplish a specific task.

How to Draw a Straight Line Without the Ruler Tool on Microsoft Whiteboard

To draw a straight line in Microsoft Whiteboard, the user will need to use the ruler tool. However, there are shortcuts that can be used to make a straight line on the whiteboard without using a ruler tool.

  • Step 1: Open Any Version of Microsoft Whiteboard

    This method can be used in any desktop version of Microsoft Whiteboard. Start by opening Microsoft Whiteboard on the desktop by left-clicking the program’s shortcut on either the desktop or start menu. The user can also opt for the web version of Microsoft Whiteboard, which can be accessed by opening the user’s preferred web browser and heading to this website.

  • Step 2: Choose or Create a Whiteboard to Draw a Straight Line on

    The user will need to either choose an existing whiteboard or create a new one to work on. If the user wishes to select an existing keyboard, all they will need to do is click the desired whiteboard with their left mouse button. But if the user wants to create a new whiteboard, they will need to left-click the “Add whiteboard” prompt on the landing page of Microsoft Whiteboard.

  • Step 3: Select the Pen Tool

    The user will now need to select a pen tool, which can be achieved by left-clicking any of the pen tools available on the tool bar. If none of the available formats of the pen tools are desired, the user can modify these by double-clicking the pen tool and selecting the appropriate color and thickness.

  • Step 4: Draw the Straight Line

    The user can draw straight lines without using the ruler by holding shift + left-click and dragging the line to the desired length. The user can also make diagonal lines through this method.


Can I use this method in conjunction with the ruler tool in Microsoft Whiteboard?

Yes, you can, as the ruler tool can help ensure that the line you are making is at the correct length and angle.

Can I use this method to highlight objects in a straight line with the highlighter tool?

This method is compatible with all of the drawing tools available on Microsoft Whiteboard, which means that you can use this method in conjunction with the highlighter tool.

I can’t seem to erase a dot I made in this method; how do I fix this?

To fix this graphical issue, you must first hold shift while your pen tool is toggled and draw a straight line of any length.

How do you select the straight line that was drawn on the whiteboard?

Anything drawn by the pen tool becomes an object within the whiteboard; this means the user can select the straight lines they drew by first toggling select mode on the top left corner of their screen and clicking the line to select it.

Can I edit any of the straight lines after I have drawn them on the whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard, unlike most of the programs developed for Microsoft Office, has a limited reach when it comes to editing; because of this, you can edit any of the straight lines drawn by the Pen tool.