How to Draw with a Mouse on Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital canvas that allows the user free reign over their own personal whiteboard. This means that users can draw any object, shape, or symbol on the body of the whiteboard.

How to Draw with a Mouse on Microsoft Whiteboard

Most digital drawings are illustrated via the use of drawing tabs, iPads, and the like. When these are unavailable or out of reach the user can opt to draw on Microsoft with their mouse.

  • Step 1 – Launch any Version of Microsoft Whiteboard

    To draw in Microsoft Whiteboard, you must first launch any version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the user’s desktop. After the user has launched Microsoft Whiteboard, they will need to sign in to their Microsoft Office account.

  • Step 2 – Select or Create a Whiteboard to Draw on

    After the user has signed in to their Microsoft Office account, they will be greeted with the whiteboard list. To continue, the user must either select an existing whiteboard or create a new whiteboard to draw on. The user can select a whiteboard by left-clicking any of the whiteboards in the list. If the user wishes to create a new whiteboard, they will need to press the “Add whiteboard” button on the whiteboard list.

  • Step 3 – Select either a Pen Tool or a Highlighter Tool

    Microsoft Whiteboard utilizes the Pen and Highlighter tools to allow the user to draw on the whiteboard. To select any of these tools, the user must click the associated icon of the Pen or Highlighter tool on the toolbar.

  • Step 4 – Draw on the Whiteboard

    After the user has selected a drawing tool on the toolbar, they will now have the ability to draw on the body of the whiteboard. To do this, the user will need to hold-left click on the body of the board and drag the cursor to any direction to create a mark.


Is there a way to draw objects on the whiteboard through keyboard shortcuts?

Most of the keyboard accessibilities offered by Microsoft Whiteboard are limited to interactions concerning selecting and editing; thus, there is no way to draw objects on the whiteboard through the keyboard in Microsoft Whiteboard.

How do I change the thickness of the line I drew on the Microsoft Whiteboard?

Drawing on Microsoft Whiteboard heavily relies on the various drawing tools available in Microsoft Whiteboard; the Pen and Highlighter tool can be formatted by double-clicking the selected tool and selecting the desired thickness on the edit dropdown.

Can I change the color of the Pen or Highlighter tool in Microsoft Whiteboard?

Yes, you can, start by selecting either the Pen or Highlighter tool on the toolbar, double-clicking the selected tool’s icon on the said toolbar, and choosing the appropriate color you want your drawings to have.

Is there a fill function in Microsoft Whiteboard?

No, Microsoft Whiteboard possesses a limited amount of tools when compared to the other software offered by Microsoft Office; this means that Microsoft Office does not have a fill function or tool integrated into its software.

How do I draw a shape perfectly in Microsoft Whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to draw an object, with a Pen tool, in a likeness of a shape and transforms it to the closest shape available with the Convert to shape tool, which is accessible on the edit toolbar of the object.