How to Edit Images in Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is a digital storytelling platform that can be used in school, work, and even at home. This application makes it easy to create polished and visually appealing reports, stories, presentations, blogs, newsletters and so much more.

How to Edit Images in Microsoft Sway?

Given that Sway is nothing similar to Adobe Photoshop, its editing tools for images are very simple yet still remains effective.

  • Step 1: Click the Image You Want to Edit

    b2fcf0b6371b644f9f34f4718fd301e4d51bcfeeOnce you have finished editing and adding your content in Sway, stay on your “Storyline” pane and click the image you want to edit.

  • Step 2: The Details

    6d7ba74a270d2a4f0e72f8095051079df3bec505Proceed to click on the “Details” icon which is located on top of the image you have just clicked.

  • Step 3: Click “Focus Points”

    8c1f9eb379074ce44695221b077515140f736b6eOnce you have clicked “Details” your card will automatically expand and you will now see additional information about your image as well as your content. With this, click “Focus Points” on the top right portion of your expanded card.

  • note-iconNote

    The “Focus Point” will help you select what is important in your image so that Microsoft Sway can instantaneously position it well in your output.

  • Step 4: First Option is “Entire Image is Important”

    Once you have tapped “Focus Points”, Sway will be directing you to another screen placed on the right portion of your page. With this, you can tick the checkbox that says, “Entire Image is Important” for you to see the image as a whole in your output.

  • Step 5: Second Option is the “Entire Image is not Important”

    0800e2bde122d5d3aeee7e995e584c590ba77056If you don’t want to go for the first option, you can simply leave the check box blank and click on the parts of the image you want to focus on. Once you have done so, you will notice small traces, in the form of circles, in the image that will then be reflected in your finished output.


How to Make an Aesthetically Pleasing Sway?

You can make an aesthetically pleasing sway just by navigating through the “Design” pane and playing around with the variety of layouts while customizing some of the fonts and themes of your output.

Can you Make a Blog through Microsoft Sway?

Yes. Microsoft Sway has two ready-made templates perfect for blogs.

Can You Put a Lot of Pictures in Your Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely insert a lot of pictures in your Microsoft Sway. Just remember to use the image card and try the stacking technique to increase efficiency.

How to Make an Image Looked Full-sized?

Make your image full-sized by clicking “Focus Points” and checking the box that says, “Entire Image is Important”.

Does Microsoft Sway use Brand Fonts?

Microsoft Sway unfortunately does not use brand fonts. However, there are other fonts available in the application that you can make use instead.