How to Embed a Poll in Microsoft Sway

Using the “Embed” card feature in Microsoft Sway will help you create more interactive presentations for your digital audience. With this, inserting Microsoft Forms containing quizzes and polls can be done using this application.

How to Embed a Poll in Microsoft Sway

When it comes to embedding a poll in Microsoft Sway, it is a must to follow some quick and easy steps.

  • Step 1: Get Ready with Your Microsoft Office Document


    Select the Microsoft Office document containing your poll that you want to insert in your Sway. Open it and click “Share” to tap “Embed” and immediately “Copy” the given embed code.

  • Step 2: Insert the “Embed” Card in your Sway


    Once you have opened the tab of your Microsoft Sway, click on the “+” icon underneath the “Title” card to add more content and proceed to choose “Media” and tap “Embed”.

  • Step 3: Paste the Code into the “Embed” Card


    The “Embed” card appearing on your screen is where you will be placing your embed code coming from your Microsoft Office document.

  • Step 4: Review Your Presentation


    Finally, click the “Play” icon to see how your poll would look like as a presentation to your digital audience.


Can I embed Hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can embed hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway just by activating the “Embed” card and pasting in your copied embedded code.

Can I hyperlink an Image in Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely hyperlink an image in Microsoft Sway just by copying its code and pasting it into your activated “Embed” card.

Can I Embed Other Online Contents into my Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely place other online contents into your Microsoft Sway. Just try to navigate through your online content options in the drop-down menu of “Suggestions”.

How to Save Sway?

You can save your Sway for offline use by converting it into a Word document or a PDF.

Is Microsoft Sway Free to Use?

Yes. You can use Microsoft Sway free by going to their official website. Remember to stay online to save your output.