How to embed Forms into Sway?

Whether you insert an existing file, import an existing file, or create a new Sway output, you can always customize it in the same way. A variety of options are available for you to navigate to or play with, however, one feature which is “Embed” is quite a unique feature only Sway has.

How to embed Forms into Sway?

When it comes to embedding a form in Microsoft Sway, it is a must to follow some quick and easy steps. 

  • Step 1: Create a New Presentation

    0d6ff29fbbea03f1462322fec1a1e3f016cc13cbOnce you have landed on your Microsoft Sway homepage, click on the “Title” card and type in the title you have in mind.

  • Step 2: Click on the “+” to add a Content

    09f00522e5389adb5704999e4a4a801432d56bd1Click on the “+” icon underneath the “Title” card to add more content and proceed to choose “Media” and tap “Embed”.

  • Step 3: The “Embed” Card

    2b408064fcb8284dd05054caaf3d65c77e474d4bThe “Embed” card appearing on you screen is where you will be then placing in your embed code coming from any websites, personal files, or OneDrive.


What is a Hyperlink?

Hyperlink is a live link from a document or file that you can copy and paste into another page or website.

Can I embed Hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can embed hyperlinks in Microsoft Sway just by activating the “Embed” card and pasting in your copied embedded code.

Can I hyperlink an Image in Microsoft Sway?

You can definitely hyperlink an image in Microsoft Sway just by copying its code and pasting it into your activated “Embed” card.

Can I insert a PDF File in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. You can insert a PDF file into your Sway output by simply clicking “Insert” to proceed to “Suggested” pane and tap on “My Device”. Microsoft Sway will automatically transfer your file and you can now choose whether you want to have it embedded or imported.

Can I put a Table in Microsoft Sway?

Yes. All you need to do is copy the table from you chosen document and paste it into a “Text” card.