How to Flip a Picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

To flip a picture in Microsoft PowerPoint, you just need a few simple steps. Besides the flip transition and the rotate slide presentation, the objects inside Microsoft PowerPoint slides such as shapes and images can also be flipped or rotated however you want. how-to-flip-a-picture-in-microsoft-powerpoint

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How to Flip a Picture in Microsoft PowerPoint

There is no need to stick with the default position or arrangement of an image in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Similar to how you can adjust the arrangement of a text box or shape, flipping a picture is made easy on PowerPoint for years.

  • Step 1: Open PowerPoint and Insert a Picture


    First things first, open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new presentation. To practice flipping a picture, insert a picture in the slide first. Select “Insert” on the top menu followed by “Picture.” Then, open the image you want to customize.

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  • Step 2: Click on the Image to Access the Rotation Handle


    Click on an object or picture you want to flip. Then, a green dot appears on the top of that image and that serves as the rotation handle. Click and drag on it so you decide how much you want to flip or rotate your picture in a PPT slide.

  • Step 3: Flip with Perfect Dimensions through Formatting


    For those who use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or any older version of Microsoft PowerPoint, you may opt for perfect dimensions to flip or rotate by clicking the “Format” tab on the upper menu. Next, tap “Rotate” so you can choose whether to rotate right 90°, rotate left 90°, flip vertical, or flip horizontal. Or, click “More Rotation Options” for other customization features.

  • Step 4: Click Arrange for Newer PowerPoint Versions

    New Microsoft PowerPoint versions utilize the “Arrange” button. Next, select “Rotate” and either flip horizontal or flip vertical. Or, go to “Arrange,” “Rotate,” and “More Rotation Options” for other dimensions you want to try on.


Can you mirror an image in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Yes, you can mirror a picture in PowerPoint by clicking the “Flip Horizontal” button in the “Arrange” tab or the “Rotate” option.

What does flip vertical mean?

Flip vertical means the object or image is presented in an upside-down position.

What are the standard degrees in rotating an object in PowerPoint?

The common degrees you can use to rotate objects in PowerPoint are 45, 90, 180, and 270; however, you can customize it for any degree you like too.

Why is MS PowerPoint flipping my pictures?

It could mean that the pictures you uploaded on Microsoft PowerPoint were already mirrored, focused wrongly, or disoriented in terms of direction; thus, flip it shortly.

Can I flip an image on Microsoft Word?

Same as MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Word also has a feature to flip an image found on the Drawing or Picture Tools.

How do I flip an entire slide in PowerPoint?

Open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, head to the “Design” tab, find the “Slide Size” option, press the drop-down menu, and change the measurements and orientation of your slides until you can fully flip it.

Can you reverse a PowerPoint slide?

Yes, you can.