How to Make Questionnaire in Microsoft Form

Microsoft Form automatically generates a format when you start a questionnaire either from a pre-made template or from scratch. After you have constructed it, you may add or change questions to ensure the contents are exactly what you want them to be. how-to-make-questionnaire-in-microsoft-form

How to Make Questionnaire in Microsoft Form

As a teacher, you may use Microsoft Forms to assess student progress and receive real-time feedback through quizzes and tests that you create and distribute to your students. Microsoft Forms also features distinct and real-time analytics that provide overall data as well as individual student outcomes that can make reviewing said answers much easier.

  • Step 1: Select New Quiz


    After you have signed in to your official school login information, locate the ‘New Quiz’ button. Clicking it will bring you to a black sheet where you have the freedom to encode details necessary to distinguish the questionnaire you are creating.

  • Step 2: Input Title and Description

    Add in the official title of the quiz you will be sharing with your students so they recognize it easier without confusion about what class or subject it is about. You also have the option to add a description to complement the overall questionnaire.


      • Step 3: Insert Questionnaire Image

        You have the option to provide a visual aid to the form you are creating. Locate the media button found in the header section. Clicking it will allow you to select which source of media you will be using. You can either select from ‘Bing’, ‘OneDrive’, or upload them yourself.

      • Step 4: Add Questions


        Locate the ‘Add New’ button to insert a question, but before you can encode it, you will need to specify which type is suited for your questionnaire. You can choose from Choice, Text, or Date questions which are the most valuable when creating a questionnaire.

      • Step 5: Questionnaire Specifications

        You have the option to customize each of your questions, such as selecting the ‘correct answer’. To award a point value for a correct response to the quiz question, enter a number in the ‘Points’ text box. If you wish to customize a message for any answer, click the Message icon next to it.



      What is the difference between a quiz and a survey in Microsoft Forms?

      A form may be used to gather comments, run surveys, take signups, and facilitate peer cooperation, whereas a quiz can be used to test student learning, offer fast results and feedback, run a quiz, and more.

      Can you create a timed quiz in Microsoft Forms?

      Microsoft Forms will be able to establish a time limit for responders to finish a quiz with a timed quiz, and after the timer runs out, the quiz will be submitted promptly.

      How do you show answers in Microsoft Forms?

      You can view the answers in the ‘Responses’ tab right next to the ‘Questions’ tab, scrolling down will enable you to see the summary of responses for each question.

      How many questions can you have in Microsoft Forms?

      Microsoft Forms allows users to ask up to a maximum of 200 questions.

      How do you retake a quiz in Microsoft Forms?

      Although Microsoft Forms does not accept resubmission; however, you may go to the quiz settings and uncheck “One response per person,” then resend the question and ask your student to complete it again.