How to Move Objects in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to have complete creative freedom in editing and manipulating objects inside their whiteboard. Because of the creative freedom offered by Microsoft Whiteboard, the user can unintentionally clutter their whiteboard with objects strewn about.

How to Move Objects in Microsoft Whiteboard

Objects in Microsoft Whiteboard are defined as the images, drawings, symbols, documents, and texts on the body of the whiteboard. If there are objects that the user would find distasteful or distracting, Microsoft Whiteboard lets the user move and organize those objects.

  • Step 1: Launch Any version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the User’s PC or Laptop

    The user can opt to boot up any version of Microsoft Whiteboard the ability to manipulate objects is deeply integrated into Microsoft Whiteboard. Start by launching any version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the desktop.

  • Step 2: Pick or Create a Whiteboard

    After the user has launched Microsoft Whiteboard, they will need to log in to the appropriate Microsoft Office account. Select a whiteboard from a list of pre-existing whiteboards or create one via the “Add whiteboard” button to continue.

  • Step 3a: Create or Insert an Object

    The user can create or insert an object through different methods. The user can use the pen tool or highlighter tool to draw a shape, mark, or symbol onto the whiteboard. Another method the user can use to insert an object is via the shapes tool located on the Create Pane.

  • Step 3b: Select an Existing Object

    If the user wants to select an existing object on the whiteboard, they may do so by left-clicking the body or the highlighted border of the object. A black dashed line will enclose the object indicating that it is being selected by the user.

  • Step 4: Move the Object

    When the object is selected the user can now move the object by holding left-click and dragging the object to a specific position. An alternate way of moving the object is via the use of the keyboard’s direction keys to move the object in specific directions.


How do you move multiple objects in Microsoft Whiteboard in one go?

Microsoft Whiteboard allows the user to use the Lasso tool to select multiple objects at once; you can use this tool to draw a circle around the objects that you want to select.

Can I move the object in Microsoft Whiteboard without using a mouse or touchpad?

Yes, you can move objects using your keyboard by selecting a specific object via the TAB button of your keyboard and moving the selected object using the directional arrow keys of the keyboard.

How do I copy and paste an object on the whiteboard in Microsoft Whiteboard without using the tools?

Microsoft Whiteboard has integrated keyboard shortcuts into their program by pressing TAB to select an object, then inputting the combination of CTRL + C to copy the selected object, and finally tapping the CTRL + P buttons to paste the selected object onto the current whiteboard.

How do I revert any change I did to an object in Microsoft Whiteboard, whether it was moved or altered?

Any recent changes you made during a session in Microsoft Whiteboard can be undone by either pressing the undo button on the top-left corner of the window or by pressing CTRL + Z on your keyboard.

After moving the object on my whiteboard, its layer had changed; how do I change the layer of the object?

Whenever a recent change has been done to an object in Microsoft Whiteboard, the software will immediately move the object to the uppermost layer; to change the layer of the object, left-click to view the tool bard, press the “···” button, and select either the Bring to front or the Send to back option.