How to Print a Mirror Image in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher‘s Rotate or Flip tool can easily help you mirror an image in just a few clicks. A mirror image is an almost exact replica of an object that is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the mirror surface. how-to-print-a-mirror-image-in-microsoft-publisher

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How to Print a Mirror Image in Microsoft Publisher

You have access to a number of options in Microsoft Publisher to flip or rotate objects in your publications. An object is flipped when it is turned over, either vertically or horizontally, creating the object’s mirror image.

  • Step 1: Insert a Picture, Text, or WordArt

    Open your Microsoft Publisher application. The first thing that you need to do to have a mirror image is to insert pictures, text, or WordArt. To insert a picture, go to the Insert tab, either click on the Pictures or Online Pictures option, and choose a picture to insert. On the other hand, to insert text or WordArt, go to the Home tab or the Insert tab and choose either the Draw Text Box option to insert text, or select the WordArt option to add designed text to your publication.

  • Step 2: Mirror the Image

    After inserting an image, you can now mirror it using the Rotate or Flip tool. In doing so, simply click on the image (the Format tab will be displayed), and choose the Rotate Objects option in the “Arrange” group. It symbolizes two black and white triangles. Then, select Flip Horizontal from the dropdown menu.


  • Step 3: Print the Mirror Image

    To print the mirror image, go to the File tab of the Publisher ribbon and click on Print. Choose the right printer for your publication. Set the number of copies to be printed. Then, move to the Settings and make the necessary adjustments that suit your printing needs. Finally, click on Print to start the printing process.


Is it possible to rotate the images freely?

Yes, you can freely rotate any image using your mouse; simply choose the object in your Publisher document, position the cursor at the rotation handle, and drag it in the desired direction you want to rotate.

Can I enter the exact number of degrees that I want my image to rotate?

Certainly, to do that, click the image, go to the Format tab, choose the Rotate icon under the “Arrange” group, select “More Rotation Options”, enter the desired number of degrees for “Rotation” under the Size and Rotate setting, and click OK.

How do I rotate an image on its base?

You can rotate an image on its base by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the rotation handle (the object will turn in a circle manner but still stay on its base).

Can I mirror an image in Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can definitely do a mirror image using the Format Picture tool in Microsoft Word.