How to Print Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook makes your upcoming meetings and appointments seamless, thanks to its calendaring features that allow you to schedule Outlook tasks, holidays, multiple calendars, or personal planners. And to make sure you aren’t only updated digitally, don’t forget to print the Microsoft Outlook calendar for a hard copy of your daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

How to Print Microsoft Outlook Calendar

With Microsoft Office Outlook’s digital daily calendar, weekly calendar, or monthly calendar, you also deserve a printable calendar in case you can’t access Outlook online or when your computer and technological devices are down. And you can print your Microsoft Outlook calendar correctly with these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Outlook

    First, visit Microsoft Outlook either on the official website, through the Microsoft 365 subscription, or Office 365 free trial. Then, click “Sign in” to sign in to Microsoft Outlook using your Microsoft account details. You would need to input your email address/number and password for access.


    Like most Microsoft Office tools, you need a Microsoft account to access the programs including MS Outlook. So if you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, sign up first.

  • Step 2: Head to Calendar’s Print Choices

    Once you’re signed in to Microsoft Outlook, go to “Calendar.” Next, select “File” and “Print.” Or, just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P for print choices.

  • Step 3: Choose Your Printing Style

    Under “Settings,” you would see the different calendar printing styles. Pick your preferred style because there are various styles to accommodate different calendars. You may opt for daily style, weekly agenda style, weekly calendar style, monthly style, tri-fold style, calendar details style, and more.

  • Step 4: View Print Options

    There are still more features available for printing MS Outlook calendars. Just click “Print Options” to change the font style and paper orientation, for example. Other options include choosing only certain pages to print, deciding how many copies to print per calendar, and setting a custom date range. And if you need to view the print preview of another calendar, simply tweak the drop-down arrow under “Print this calendar” to choose your preferred calendar.

  • Step 5: Print Your Calendar

    After going through a series of edits for your MS Outlook calendar, do the final step which is to click “Print” on the bottom part of the window. You only do that when you have chosen which printer to use, how many copies, and other finalized print options. And that’s how you print calendars in Microsoft Outlook easily.


How do I print complete details of appointments in Outlook?

Select “Calendar Details Style” or “Weekly Agenda Style” to print the entire details of appointments or meetings in Outlook.

How do I turn off the printing of private appointment details in Outlook?

Put a checkmark inside the box beside “Hide Details of private appointments,” and it will not print the private appointment data in Outlook.

Why can’t I print my Outlook calendar?

You may need to disable some add-ins from Outlook since they could have prevented you from printing; to fix this, click “File,” “Select Option,” “Add-ins,” select “GO” from the Manage tab, uncheck the add-ins, and tap “OK.”