How to Save Microsoft Outlook Emails in Hard Drive

Whether you depend on MS Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or any of the later Outlook versions, it is always recommended to reserve emails on a hard drive for safety and backup purposes. With Microsoft Outlook, you can save emails on hard drives as a backup for transferring emails from a single Outlook account to another account.

How to Save Microsoft Outlook Emails in Hard Drive

Hard drives are already known to be useful for data backup. So in case the worst scenario happens where your account gets hacked or all emails got deleted in Microsoft Office Outlook, preserve all your important emails ahead by saving such files to your hard drive without hassle.

  • Step 1: Access Microsoft Outlook

    First things first, you must sign in to Microsoft Outlook. Whether you visit or access the Outlook program from the Microsoft 365 suite, your account details in Microsoft are required to log in. Then, view your inbox to view which emails, folders, and files must be preserved on your hard drive.


    Reviewing your Outlook emails and identifying which files are important or not are crucial because you may not need to save all emails on a hard drive. Carefully select the emails that must be preserved such as the ones with data you cannot have a zero copy of.

  • Step 2: Save Outlook Emails in Different Formats

    You can save Outlook emails as PDF or in a range of formats including Word, HTML, and MSG. For PDF, press Ctrl + P followed by “Save as PDF” under the Destination tab and click “Save.” For Word, save the emails in HTML format and open Microsoft Word. Then, click “File,” “Open,” and open the HTML email file in Word. Save the document and print it afterward.

  • Step 3: Continue Saving in Other Formats

    For HTML, double-click any Outlook email and select “File” followed by “Save As.” On the drop-down menu, choose the HTML format and select “Save.” Do the same steps for the rest of the emails you need to save. On another note, save the email in MSG. This time, just click and drag an email from Outlook and drop it to a folder from your hard drive or desktop. You can also do that for multiple emails at the same time. Those emails will automatically turn into MSG format.

  • Step 4: Backup via Import or Export

    The last method you can depend on is to back up your email through import or export. Just select “File” from the top menu. Then, choose “Open & Export” followed by “Import/Export.” Next, click “Export to a File,” “Next,” “Outlook Data File (.pst),” “Next,” choose a folder from your hard drive for backup, select “Next,” pick a location and name your file, and tap “Finish.”


Where are Outlook emails saved on a hard drive?

Outlook 2010’s Outlook Data files (.pst) would be saved in the folder named Documents/Outlook Files while in Windows XP, such files are inside the folder called My Documents/Outlook Files.

Can I save all my Outlook emails to a flash drive?

Indeed, you can export mail messages from Outlook to a flash drive as long as your flash drive has enough storage to contain such files.

Can you copy Outlook folders to a hard drive?

Yes, you can by either exporting the folders to a hard drive with the “Import/Export” button, or clicking, dragging, and dropping folders to a hard drive.