How to Select Text Boxes Using the Keyboard in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsft Whiteboard has many different integrations and shortcuts to increase the ease of access for its users. One of these integrations allows the user to select objects and text boxes on the whiteboard via the keyboard.

How to Select Text Boxes Using the Keyboard in Microsoft Whiteboard

Using the keyboard to select text boxes allows the user to quickly cycle through all the objects within the keyboard. This method also allows the user do to quick edits when their mouse or touchpad is either broken or unavailable.

  • Step 1 – Launch Any Version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the Desktop

    Start by launching any version of Microsoft Whiteboard on the user’s PC or laptop. Ensure that the user is logged in to the correct Microsoft Office account on Microsoft Whiteboard.

  • Step 2 – Open or Create a Whiteboard to Work on

    After the user has launched Microsoft Whiteboard and accessed the landing page, the user will now need to either open or create a whiteboard they would want to work on.

  • Step 3 – If Needed, Create a Text Box on the Whiteboard

    When the user enters the whiteboard they will need a text box to select. If the user has no desired text boxes to select, they can opt to create a new text box. This can be achieved by first opening the Create pane, selecting the “Add text” option, and left-clicking any space on the whiteboard.

  • Step 4 – Select the Text Box on the Whiteboard

    To select a text box inside the whiteboard using the keyboard, the user must first be on select mode, which can be toggled by pressing ALT + S on the keyboard. After the user has toggled select mode on, the user can now press TAB to cycle through the objects inside the whiteboard. The user will know the text box has been selected when a black square encloses the text box.


How do I select text boxes with my mouse?

You can select text boxes in Microsoft Whiteboard by hovering over the body or the borders of the text box and then left-clicking to select the said text box.

Why does this feature/shortcut exist in Microsoft Whiteboard?

This shortcut is available for people who have no access to a mouse or touchpad, as this shortcut allows those people to navigate through Microsoft Whiteboard easily.

What can I do after I have selected the text box with my keyboard?

You can move or delete the text boxes you selected using the keyboard; these shortcuts are the directions keys (Moving the text box) and Delete button (To delete).

Can I copy and paste the text box through keyboard shortcuts after I have selected the text box with my keyboard?

After you have selected the text box via the keyboard, you can copy and paste the selected text box by using the key combinations of CTRL + C and CTRL + P, respectively.

Is there a way to edit the text on a text box without using a mouse?

Yes, you can edit the text by first selecting it via the TAB key on the keyboard, pressing ENTER on the keyboard, and finally typing or deleting out groups of text in the textbox.