How to Set Up Automatic Reply in Microsoft Outlook

When you are on vacation or simply out of office, setting an auto responder to answer your emails in Microsoft Outlook can save you. Learn how to set up an automatic reply in Microsoft Outlook so there is no need to manually respond to emails while you’re away and recipients get the gist that you are currently unavailable.

How to Set Up Automatic Reply in Microsoft Outlook

Whether you’re using or the Microsoft 365 app version of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, or Outlook 2019, automated replies are part of Microsoft Office Outlook’s key features. And it helps to set it up early so you can turn on automatic replies the moment you are out of the office with these steps:

  • Step 1: Log In to Microsoft Outlook

    The basic step comes first so make sure to sign in to Microsoft Outlook. No matter what version you use to access MS Outlook, Microsoft account details are necessary to log in. So provide your email address and password to continue the rest of the steps in this article. Only proceed to step two once you are officially signed in.

  • Step 2: Access the Automatic Replies Window

    Click “File” on the top menu bar of your Outlook screen. Then, click “Automatic Replies” so that you will be redirected to the main Automatic Replies (Out of Office) window.


    For older MS Outlook versions, especially Outlook 2007, just click “Tools” followed by “Out of Office Assistant” because the Automatic Replies window is accessed differently.

  • Step 3: Set the Automatic Reply’s Time Range

    Make sure to mark the circle beside “Send Automatic Replies” and check the checkbox beside “Only send during this time range.” From there, you can set the date, time, or schedule of when you will be gone from the office. Consider the start time and end time of your automatic reply carefully because, during that period, the autoresponder would be on. Automated replies automatically turn off after the end time.

  • Step 4: Type the Automatic Responses for Inside or Outside Your Organization

    The most important part is to type the text or message that you want your recipients to receive while you’re on vacation, sick, or away from the office. You can do that on the text box below the Automatic Replies window. Also, don’t forget to make two versions: one for inside your organization and one for outside. Just click “Inside My Organization” to set the message for your coworkers or members and select “Outside My Organization” to write the response for clients or anyone not part of your organization.


How do I set up out-of-office replies on

Sign in to, click the gear icon for settings, click “View all Outlook settings,” “Mail,” “Automatic replies,” turn on the automatic replies, input your out-of-office message, and tap “Save.”

Is the automatic reply forever in Outlook?

No, the automatic reply will always have a start date and an end date and you can turn it on/off whenever you want.

What is a no-reply email?

A no-reply email or ‘Do not reply’ email is basically an email account that organizations use for sending emails only; receiving messages isn’t allowed.