How to Update Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint program update prevents you from missing out on any of its latest features. Similar to the rest of the Microsoft Office 365 tools, these regular updates are needed to ensure that your programs are optimized and in top shape no matter what. how-to-update-microsoft-powerpoint

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How to Update Microsoft PowerPoint

If you are still using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010, you’re currently behind the newest versions of PPT. So be sure to follow the steps below to update your MS PowerPoint effectively:

  • Step 1: Access Microsoft PowerPoint


    Install PowerPoint and the rest of the Office tools by subscribing to Microsoft Office 365. Then, open the MS PowerPoint program and make a new presentation to get started.

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  • Step 2: Check for Updates


    Inside Microsoft PowerPoint, move your cursor to the upper left menu and click “File.” Scroll down and select “Help.” Then, tap “Check for Updates.” You will then be directed to a new window to update PowerPoint.

  • Step 3: Log In to Microsoft


    Another option is to sign in to your Microsoft account. Go to “Account,” followed by “Update Options,” which is found beside “Office Updates.” Then, click “Update Now” to get the latest version.

  • Step 4: Close the Program and Open Again

    After waiting for the update loading period for Microsoft Office, don’t forget to close the program. Then, reopen Microsoft PowerPoint to finally experience its updated version. If you are sure that the program has been updated but you can’t see the new changes, you may need to shut down or restart your computer. And that is how easy it is to complete the process of updating MS PowerPoint and the rest of Office tools.


How do I update Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 on Windows?

Go to the “Start” menu, head to “Programs, and select “All Programs”, then, choose “Windows Update” until a support site pops up on your screen where you can select which updated version of MS PowerPoint you want.

What is the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint?

The latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint is from June 2021, specifically version 16.0.13901.20462.

How do I use Microsoft PowerPoint?

Be guided on the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint from the How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint article.

How do I know my MS PowerPoint version?

To clarify which specific version of Microsoft PowerPoint you are using on your device, open PowerPoint, click “File,” select “Help,” and view the version number of the MS Office software on the “About” tab.

Which version of MS PowerPoint is not valid?

The most notable invalid version of MS PowerPoint and the rest of Microsoft Office is Solution (By Examveda Team) Office Vista.

What is the difference between PPT and PPTX?

PPT refers to the default file extension format for saving a presentation using MS PowerPoint 2003 and its predecessor versions while PPTX marks the default file extension format for saving PowerPoint presentations in the 2007 version until the very latest version.