How to Use the Convert to Shape Feature in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard has a lot of neat features and tools that can greatly affect the performance and the quality of life of the user. One of these features is the Convert to Shape feature, which transforms drawings into shapes.

How to Use the Convert to Shape Feature in Microsoft Whiteboard

The Convert to Shape feature is a useful tool for user’s who want to draw a specific shape without using the shapes tool. As this feature instantly converts the drawing into the closest shape, it resembles in just one click.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Whiteboard on The User’s Desktop

    Start by opening Microsoft Whiteboard on the desktop, by right-clicking either the desktop or the start menu shortcut. The user must ensure that they are signed in to the correct Microsoft Office account.

  • Step 2: Select or Create a Whiteboard To Use the Feature on

    After the user has opened Microsoft Whiteboard they will need to either select a preexisting whiteboard or create a new one. To select a whiteboard, the user will just need to left-click the desired whiteboard on the list. If the user wants to create a new whiteboard, they will have to press the “Add whiteboard” button on the list.

  • Step 3: Select and Format a Pen Tool

    Before the user can use the Convert to Shape feature of Microsoft Whiteboard, they will need to select and format the pen tool. To accomplish this, the user will just have to press the desired pen tool on the toolbar. If the user opts to format their pen tool, they will need to double-click the selected pen tool to open the format window and select the color and thickness they want their pen to have.

  • Step 4: Draw a Shape on the Whiteboard

    After the user has chosen and formatted a pen tool, they will need to draw a shape or the likeness of a shape onto the whiteboard. The user will need to hold left click on the body of the whiteboard and drag their cursor to start drawing on the whiteboard.

  • Step 5: Access the Edit Tool Bar

    The Convert to Shape feature is located on the Edit Toolbar. To access this tool bar, the user will need to select the drawn object by first toggling select mode located on the top left corner of the program and selecting the object via left-click.

  • Step 6: Use the Convert to Shape Feature

    The user can now use the Convert to Shape feature by pressing the associated button on the edit toolbar.


Can I use this feature to convert my drawn scribbles to text in Microsoft Whiteboard?

No, you can’t, as the Convert to Shape feature only converts drawings to shapes; the Convert to Text feature is only available in the paid version of Microsoft Office 365

Can I, in any way, shape, form, or select the output that this feature will convert my drawing to?

The AI will automatically determine what shape the drawing will be converted to; the only way the user can affect the output is by ensuring the object they draw closely resembles the shape.

How do I rotate the shapes created by this feature in Microsoft Whiteboard?

You can rotate the shapes by selecting the shapes via left-click, hovering over one of the resize circles until your cursor becomes the rotate symbol, then left-click the resize circle and drag your mouse to the appropriate angle.

Is there any way for me to use the Convert to Shape feature without a mouse?

To use the Convert to Shape feature on a drawing without using a mouse, you should first select the object via the tab button, and press Alt + B on your keyboard to convert the image to a shape.

Can I move the location of the shapes after it has been converted?

The converted shapes will act like normal objects, which means the user can move the shapes, by holding the body of the shape with a left click and dragging it to the desired position.