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Microsoft Forms is Microsoft’s very own online survey creator software and was launched in June 2016 as part of the Microsoft Office 365 package. Since it was released, Microsoft Forms has been used by researchers, working professionals, educators, and students. microsoft-forms

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What Is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a program for creating online/digital surveys and questionnaires. It’s part of the Office 365 product line along with Microsoft Word, Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc. It was released in June of 2016. It has user-friendly tools that allow users to easily set up quiz forms, survey forms, fillable personal profile forms, feedback forms, rating forms, and more.

Microsoft Forms Definition

Microsoft Forms is a Microsoft 365 survey and questionnaire creator program designed for creating virtually all types of digital online fillable forms.

Features of Microsoft Forms

Tools for Creating Digital/Online Forms

Microsoft Forms has all the tools you need to create fillable forms and dashboards. You can arrange questions and set up the proper responses for every form.

Multiple Languages

Microsoft Forms supports multiple foreign languages. Your forms can be translated from English to any native language which comes in handy if you have respondents who don’t have a strong command of your language.

External User Access

Respondents aren’t required to have Microsoft Office accounts to fill up surveys and questionnaires. This feature is useful if you have respondents outside of your organization such as potential business partners, investors, customers, and the general public.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Microsoft Forms integrates with Microsoft Excel. You can even create Microsoft Form surveys and questionnaires within Excel itself through its Insert tab.

Respondent Privacy

Some respondents want to keep themselves anonymous, especially if the survey is about something confidential. Microsoft Forms gives you the option to protect the respondents’ privacy by activating its anonymous submission settings.


Microsoft Forms – Uses, Purpose, Importance

Microsoft Forms is relatively a new Microsoft product because it was launched only in 2016. However, it has become a reliable survey creator tool and is the top choice for many professionals, research teams, and educators.

Quick Creation of Online Forms

Word processing apps like Microsoft Word are capable of creating forms, but Microsoft Forms is way better. Users can set up the format easily without having to insert various tables, shapes, and objects.

Easy Deployment of Surveys and Questionnaire Forms

It’s a lot easier to deploy surveys and questionnaires in Microsoft Forms. They can be sent via email to internal users and external users; no need to print out physical copies of the forms and send them out in person.

Efficient Data Gathering and Real-Time Results

With Microsoft Forms, data gathering will be efficient. You can save yourself from the hassle of gathering data manually by collecting filled-in physical copies of forms.

Use for Online School Quizzes and Exams

Many teachers and professors handling online classes use Microsoft Forms to create online quizzes and exams. Whether or not their students have Microsoft accounts, they can give access to exam questionnaires easily through email or link sharing.

Microsoft Forms Parts

Login Page

The Login Page is the first part you’ll encounter upon launching Microsoft Forms. You have to log in using your Microsoft 365 account. After logging in successfully, you’ll then gain access to the Microsoft Forms window.

My Forms Window

The My Forms window is basically the home window of Microsoft Forms. All of the forms you’ve created before are listed in this window. Also, the options to create new forms and new quizzes are available in it. Just click either the New Form or New Quiz button to start creating.

Forms Creation Window

As the name implies, this is the MS Forms window where you’ll be creating your digital survey forms. Mainly, this is where you’ll add survey or poll questions and their specific organic responses. You can add as many questions as you need. Simply click the Add Questions button.

Theme Panel

You can open the Theme panel by clicking Theme in the upper right corner of the window. You can choose any of the provided themes and apply them to your digital survey forms. You may also add external themes by selecting the plus icon in the Theme panel.

Share Panel

The Share panel is where you can share your forms with other users. It offers three main options for sharing forms: Share to Send and Collect Responses, Share as a Template, and Share to Collaborate. The Share to Send and Collect Responses option allows you to share your forms through a link, QR code, or email.

Microsoft Forms vs. Google Forms

Microsoft Forms is designed for creating digital forms and sharing them quickly online.

Google Forms is also a survey creator program under the Google Workspace umbrella and is much like Microsoft Forms with differences in some of its features.


Microsoft Forms Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use survey form creator app. Extensive user training isn’t necessary to start creating on the platform. However, learning the basics would help you along the way. That said, we’ll share with you our Microsoft Forms tips and tricks below.

Use MS Forms

Learn the basic steps to start creating in Microsoft Forms. Visit our guide about how to use Microsoft Forms to get started as soon as possible.

Create/Edit in MS Forms

Learn the basics to design forms in MS Forms in no time. Check out our easy guide on how to create/edit a Microsoft form.

Share Forms in MS Forms

Share your completed forms and form templates anytime. But first, memorize the easy steps on how to share a Microsoft form.

Embed MS Forms in Emails

If you’re not sure how to attach survey forms in emails, don’t worry. Just follow our guide on how to embed a Microsoft form in emails.

Make a Quiz on MS Forms

Quiz questionnaires are very easy to create in MS Forms. To get started, be guided by the steps on how to make a quiz on Microsoft Forms.

Set Time Limit in MS Forms

You can set a time limit in your MS Form questionnaires which is useful for quizzes and exams. Read our guide on how to set time limits in Microsoft Forms to begin.

Make Questionnaires in MS Forms

Questionnaires are the main things you can create in MS Forms. Master the basics by checking out our guide on how to make questionnaires in Microsoft Forms.

Export Data from MS Forms

Data exportation is possible in MS Forms. It’s easy and simple to do. Just follow our guide on how to export data from Microsoft Forms.

Access MS Forms

Learn how to access Microsoft Forms so you can start creating survey forms, feedback forms, polls, and exam questionnaires at any time.

Create a Survey in MS Forms

Surveys are one of the main forms you can create in MS Forms. See our guide on how to create a survey in Microsoft Forms to begin soon.

Upload Using MS Forms

You can upload files in MS Forms using its upload option. Want to know how? Check out our user-friendly guide on how to upload files/upload option using Microsoft Forms.

Create a Group in MS Forms

You can form groups in MS Forms for easy collaboration. Learn the process of forming groups by reading our guide on how to create a group in Microsoft Forms.

Retrieve Your MS Form Responses

Don’t worry if you can’t find your MS Form responses. You can get them back by following the steps on how to retrieve your Microsoft Form responses.

Add Answers in MS Forms

Adding answers and responses is a basic process in MS Forms. If you aren’t sure how to do it, just visit our guide on how to add answers in Microsoft Forms.

Add Signature in MS Forms

Respondents can add signatures in MS Forms surveys. To activate that feature, follow our guide on how to add signatures in Microsoft Forms.

Add Sections in MS Forms

You can add as many sections as you need in a survey form. To do it right, be guided by the proper steps on how to add sections in Microsoft Forms.

Change Font in MS Forms

If you don’t like the default font of MS Forms, feel free to change it. Just follow the basic steps on how to change fonts in Microsoft Forms.

Copy a Form in MS Forms

You can create as many copies of your forms as you need. To start, visit our short guide on how to copy a form in Microsoft Forms.

Create a QR Code in MS Forms

Forms are shareable and accessible through QR codes, but you have to set them up first. So make sure to learn how to create a QR code in Microsoft Forms.

Duplicate a Form in MS Forms

Duplicating form is a nice method to avoid starting from scratch every time. That said, you should learn how to duplicate a form in Microsoft Forms.

Create Forms in MS Forms Mobile

MS Forms is available on mobile devices. It’s a bit different from the desktop version, so you should know the steps on how to create forms in Microsoft Forms mobile.

Sync MS Forms to Excel

MS Forms and MS Excel have real-time integration, but first, you need to sync them. Get started by visiting our guide on how to sync Microsoft Forms to Excel.

Delete a Form in MS Forms

You can clear up your file folders by deleting obsolete forms. Follow our guide on how to delete a Microsoft form.

Share/Send a Form in MS Forms

Learn the ways to deploy your survey forms. Be guided by the steps we’ve prepared on how to share/send a Microsoft form.

Move an MS Form from One Group

You can move forms from a group anytime. See our guide on how to move a Microsoft form from one group.

Create Approval Workflows in MS Forms

Our guide on how to create approval workflows in Microsoft Forms is free to access. Visit it now so you can start creating approval workflows soon.

Create MS Forms in SharePoint

MS SharePoint and MS Forms are integrated with each other. That said, it would be great to learn how to create Microsoft forms in SharePoint.

Create Signup Sheets in MS Forms

Digital signup sheets are one of the easiest forms to make in MS Forms. Familiarize yourself with the process by reading our guide about how to create a signup sheet in Microsoft Forms.

Create Feedback Forms in MS Forms

MS Forms is designed for creating feedback forms. By reading our guide on how to create a feedback form in Microsoft Forms, you can be an adept feedback form creator.

Save MS Forms to Desktop

Learn how to save Microsoft Forms to the desktop so you can easily locate it once you launch your PC.

Share MS Forms Responses with Others

For collaboration, feel free to share MS Form responses with authorized users. Make sure to do it right by following the steps on how to share Microsoft Form responses with others.


What can Microsoft Forms do?

Microsoft Forms allows users to create digital survey forms that are shareable and accessible online.

What is branching in Microsoft Forms?

Branching logic is a feature in MS Forms that changes the survey questions depending on the preceding responses of the respondents.

What are the restrictions in Microsoft Forms?

Restrictions in MS Forms are basically a set of implementations that restrict users to perform certain commands while filling up the forms.

Which platforms work with Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and web browsers.

What do Microsoft Forms integrate with?

Microsoft Forms is notably compatible and integrated with Microsoft Excel and SharePoint.

How do you analyze data in Microsoft Forms?

To analyze data in MS Forms, you need to open the survey, click the Responses tab, and select Insights to view detailed data insights ripe for analysis.

What can Microsoft Forms track?

Microsoft Forms can track the responses of the respondents in real time and reflect them immediately in the results panel or the MS Excel pivot table.

Where do responses to Microsoft Forms go?

They go to the Responses tab and you can check them out on MS Excel.

Where are Microsoft Form files stored?

Microsoft Form files are automatically stored in OneDrive.

Did Microsoft Forms replace InfoPath?

No, InfoPath was replaced by Microsoft SharePoint.