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Microsoft SharePoint brings robust website builders, content management, and sharing applications to the next level. From easy data searches to efficient team collaborations, Microsoft SharePoint is every user’s dependable cloud-based service or mobile intranet—a potent application and archive system for business.

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What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the many productivity tools from the Microsoft 365 Office suite such as Microsoft Outlook, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Since 2001, SharePoint was merely a document or storage management system until it evolved over the years as an enterprise collaboration technology known as the SharePoint Portal Server. With SharePoint, building your business pivots into a dynamic experience.

Microsoft SharePoint Definition

Microsoft SharePoint is a web or cloud collaborative platform and content management system that allows businesses to manipulate documents, archives, and other data seamlessly.

Features of Microsoft SharePoint

Collaborative Teamwork and Easy Sharing

A compelling reason to use Microsoft SharePoint is its efforts to help you and your team work together through the intranet. Share your organization’s work efficiently through a local communications network on a world wide web software, aka the intranet, to accomplish a streamlined team effort and boost productivity.

Collective Knowledge Management

Dynamic search tools await you in MS SharePoint so you won’t have to undergo arduous work to find information, content, or knowledge in making informed decisions. With Sharepoint’s collective content management feature, you can leverage a variety of tools that can benefit your organization.

Cloud-Based Service

As a cloud-based service from Microsoft, SharePoint can cater to different types of businesses as well as work for other Office tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Take this advantage to create websites where you can collaborate with colleagues and share documents or data whenever you like.

SharePoint Server

The SharePoint Server gives you access to advanced sites and powerful integrated apps that can be accessed through your PC, Mac, or any mobile device. This includes other related programs such as SharePoint Designer and OneDrive sync.

Transformative Business Processes

SharePoint promises users to help build a business from the easiest tasks down to the most complex operations. Make the most out of business intelligence, compliance, document library accessibility, expanded file names, folder sharing, information rights management, site page pinning, and other features with SharePoint.

Advanced Features

Speaking of features, MS SharePoint has a lot to offer besides making intranet sites and being compatible with different devices. Other striking advanced features include adding web parts for content, displaying key visuals for communication, managing workflows, storing files to the cloud safely, and continuous updates from the app.

Microsoft SharePoint – Uses, Purpose, Importance

Microsoft SharePoint is most prominent for creating websites and being compared to OneDrive for data storage capabilities. However, it helps to have a more in-depth overview of SharePoint to understand its insightful uses, purposes, and important benefits.

Multi-Purpose Portal

SharePoint’s functionality is not something to underestimate. It has multi-purpose functions thanks to the collaborative intranet feature that allows you to share information, schedule tasks, reach out to contact number details seamlessly, and lots more. SharePoint alone can help you manage business information, documents, social networks, and other business workflows.

Easy Management

Administrators no longer have a hard time monitoring day-to-day tasks because of SharePoint’s effective and easy management tools. Every admin can access security settings, operational data, product restoration plans, HTTPS pages, backup sites, and other tools in just one dashboard. Thus, administrators can effectively spearhead the business and engage organization members.

Data Management and Collaboration

With influential cloud storage and information accessibility, MS SharePoint aims to deal with data management and collaboration in the best way possible. Getting information can be as simple as accessing it on a mobile device. Also, collaboration is convenient in informing employees until everyone can catch up to business goals, decisions, and deadlines according to plan.

Integration with Other Apps

Of course, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and the rest of the suite can be integrated into SharePoint. The same goes for MS Unified Communications, MS Exchange Server, CRM, and ERP. This product is not only accessible to Microsoft Edge because other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are allowed.

Security Features

When information sharing is made easy, SharePoint also makes sure to optimize security features to prevent data losses or unauthorized access. SharePoint includes authentication systems and password upgrades so you can trust the program as to how much content you can store. Hence, private and sensitive data won’t have to leak with SharePoint’s compliance.

Powerful and User-Friendly Tool

SharePoint as the software itself is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. With SharePoint, you can skip the need to hire web developers because you can create, manage, and optimize your website and database management systems like a pro. From application programming interfaces (APIS), content management, to streamlined business procedures, SharePoint makes the impossible possible for your business needs.

Components of Microsoft SharePoint


Sites in Microsoft SharePoint are necessary to organize and manage a range of content types known as web parts. SharePoint sites are where information is sorted and stored, and each site has a different set of audiences, depending on what was planned and if it has unique security.


Pages basically showcase the web parts or content on site. Used mainly for display purposes, these pages are essential for people to see what’s in store, especially when one site could have multiple pages to organize.

Web Parts

Web parts contain specific data, content, or info such as documents, chat contacts, products, and events. Web parts are similar to mini-applications or smartphone apps where you can store content, meaning there is one app for storing schedules, another app for keeping contacts, etc.

Microsoft SharePoint vs OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint is an online file management platform and cloud-based application used for keeping or sharing knowledge, particularly information that is stored and accessed via the intranet.

OneDrive is mainly an online file management platform or folder storage program where users can install, keep, and share information.

See a more detailed comparison in the table below.

Microsoft SharePoint


AvailabilityAvailable as an individual service but no market-based versionAvailable as a single service and consumer version
AccessAccess to all browser features and local folder filesAccess to a local folder or application depending on the user’s choice
PurposeUsed as an admin-driven business page for schedules, news updates, project workflows, etc.Used as a business account without a shared graphical user interface (GUI)
Striking FeaturePlatform for storing and sharing business files, resources, and project workflowsPlatform for private works and texts with limited reach or lifecycle
StorageStores up to 15 GB of data and is regarded as a backup intranet site or file serverAlso stores up to 15 GB of data and is regarded as the cloud storage alternative to your PC’s My Documents folder

Microsoft SharePoint Ideas and Tips

Microsoft SharePoint is a dependable option for collaborating with team members on an internal website, storing and managing files, and making websites. But you should know that SharePoint is also known for its eclectic customizable features such as these ideas, tips, and tricks on how to maximize your SharePoint experience:

Delete / Remove a Page in Microsoft SharePoint

Do you have a set of micro and macro pages you want to remove? Rest assured, it only takes several steps to delete/remove a page in Microsoft SharePoint.

Use Microsoft SharePoint

No matter what version you use for SharePoint, get introduced to the basic steps on how to use Microsoft SharePoint first. Familiarizing the uses is every beginner’s guide to adjusting to the platform quickly.

Sign In/Sign Out in Microsoft SharePoint

A staple step you should not forget is knowing how to sign in or sign out of Microsoft SharePoint. Follow the simple tutorial to access or leave SharePoint whenever you want.

Create a Microsoft Form in SharePoint

SharePoint can be integrated into other Office tools including Microsoft Forms. So be sure to create a Microsoft Form in SharePoint as well.

Tag in Microsoft SharePoint

Tag your contacts, inbox, news, and other information for an organized way to use SharePoint. Practice how to tag in Microsoft SharePoint now.

Connect Access with Microsoft SharePoint

You can certainly link Microsoft Access and Microsoft SharePoint since they are both collaborative tools. Learn how to connect Access with Microsoft SharePoint shortly.

Create a Team Site in Microsoft SharePoint

Make a custom setup of team sites to make storing and sharing knowledge seamless in SharePoint. Uncover the steps on how to create a team site in Microsoft SharePoint easily.

Convert SharePoint Online Site to Microsoft Teams

Did you know that SharePoint is also an icon to be converted into Microsoft Teams? Convert SharePoint online site to Microsoft Teams now.

Download Multiple Files from Microsoft SharePoint Online

Whether you are an admin, student, employee, or any team member, you can always trust SharePoint online to download a variety of files. Practice how to download multiple files from Microsoft SharePoint online conveniently.

Send Notifications to SharePoint User Group

Even if SharePoint users are remote or in different locations, sending alerts to them by group is certainly easy no matter where they access SharePoint. Discover how to send notifications to SharePoint user group efficiently.

Use Microsoft SharePoint in Business

Besides education, government, or personal use, you can specifically use Microsoft SharePoint in business. Learn how it works to achieve your business goals as soon as possible.

Disable Sync Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

Although you can sync SharePoint and OneDrive storage live or in real-time, you might want to disable it to save storage at some point. Not to worry because it is super simple to disable sync Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.

Learn Microsoft SharePoint

Besides the SharePoint login steps, you deserve to learn about Microsoft SharePoint from its basic features down to its complex aspects. And SharePoint’s help and support center will always be there to guide you every step of the way.

Share a Microsoft SharePoint Site Externally

Email or share a Microsoft SharePoint site externally in just a few steps. This makes it convenient for you to share sites with more people and reach a wider audience.

Remove Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

There is no need to reset everything in SharePoint just to remove the Microsoft SharePoint workspace. In fact, you only need to follow manageable steps to remove the Microsoft SharePoint workspace properly.

Create/ Manage Project Task in Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you use SharePoint on your desktop, Mac, or mobile device, you can always create/manage project tasks in Microsoft SharePoint. Expect to accomplish each task when SharePoint makes the process easier for you.

Add a Chat to Microsoft SharePoint

Just like Windows Mail and Gmail, you can chat with teams in SharePoint. Master the easy steps on how to add a chat to Microsoft SharePoint pronto.

Embed a Modern Calendar to Microsoft SharePoint

Keep up with your schedules when you embed a modern calendar to Microsoft SharePoint. You can customize it efficiently and not miss any deadline.

Build / Publish a Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint lets you craft a variety of files for different purposes. Just make sure to learn the basics of how to build/publish a Microsoft SharePoint first.

Create Microsoft SharePoint Project Site

Your MS SharePoint experience isn’t complete without having to create a Microsoft SharePoint project site. Never fret because that can be achieved in quick, easy steps.

Add a Reference to the Microsoft SharePoint

Referencing sources and key information is allowed in SharePoint. Just practice how to add a reference to Microsoft SharePoint without hassle.

Change Language in Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you speak English, French, or Chinese, you can change the language in Microsoft SharePoint anytime. Go for your preferred language if you are having a hard time understanding certain terms.

Build a Microsoft SharePoint Site Multilingual Site

Indeed, SharePoint allows users to make websites, but what you are to make a site for users of different languages? The key is to build a multilingual Microsoft SharePoint site.

Change Status on Microsoft SharePoint

Giving constant updates is one way to monitor if things are doing well or not in business using SharePoint. And it helps to recognize the steps to change status on Microsoft SharePoint to get started.

Change Logo on Microsoft SharePoint

Logos are essential to market or give a unique identity to your brand. And you can always upgrade the logo when you change logos on Microsoft SharePoint meticulously.

Create a Folder in Microsoft SharePoint

A hard-to-miss process you need to do is to create a folder in Microsoft SharePoint. It is very easy that you can come up with as many folders as you like eventually.

Create a Simple Microsoft SharePoint Blog

Is blogging your passion? Create a simple Microsoft SharePoint blog and get started.

Delete a File in Microsoft SharePoint

Besides saving files, you can always remove files you no longer need in SharePoint to save extra space. Check out the steps on how to delete a file in Microsoft SharePoint appropriately.

Display Approval Status from Microsoft Flow on SharePoint

It is not enough to change the status in SharePoint because you also need to show the status so users can see it. One example is to effectively display approval status from Microsoft Flow on SharePoint.

Turn On Content Approval in SharePoint

Another procedure to practice is how to turn on content approval in SharePoint. You may need to do that by updating the status in MS SharePoint.

Download Folder from Microsoft SharePoint

The folders you just made in SharePoint can be downloaded anytime. It only takes several steps to download folders from Microsoft SharePoint effectively.

Create Link to Download File in Microsoft SharePoint

Links make it easier to download files in SharePoint. And you must know how to create a link to download files in Microsoft SharePoint.

Set Up a Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Connector

Safe storage is expected when SharePoint is connected to the cloud. Your files will surely be safe after you set up a Microsoft SharePoint cloud connector.

Import/Export Excel into Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint surely welcomes your Microsoft Excel files. In fact, you can either import/export Excel into Microsoft SharePoint.

Fix Troubleshoot Issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation

Need help with any issue related to MS SharePoint? Be guided accordingly to fix troubleshoot issues with the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.


What programming language is SharePoint?

SharePoint’s coding and programming language is any .net language including C#.

Where are SharePoint online documents stored?

SharePoint files would be stored in the cloud, and you can also sync SharePoint or OneDrive files on your computer.

What is the best way to use SharePoint?

Here are some interesting examples to use SharePoint in the best way possible: recognize what is searchable or not, use tags in organizing documents, automate data tagging, lock documents, go for folder view rather than flat view, try SharePoint Add-ins, get notified with SharePoint alerts, and import Office files into SharePoint.

What is the SharePoint Framework?

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a web part and page framework that brings support to SharePoint development, data integration, and Microsoft Teams extensions.

What is a library in SharePoint online?

A library is a site location that allows you to upload, make, edit, and share files with other users; and every library contains a set of details about such files.

What is SharePoint built with?

SharePoint is built with SharePoint Framework, SharePoint Add-ins, and SharePoint Server.

Where does SharePoint store its data?

SharePoint and OneDrive both offer storage capabilities inside Microsoft’s cloud.

What are MS SharePoint developer tools?

The standard developer tools in SharePoint are images, HTML, JavaScript files, and CSS files.

What type of software is SharePoint?

SharePoint is considered a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based software.

What is a list item in SharePoint?

A list is needed to manipulate information in every SharePoint site, and the list item refers to a row that has properties, fields, and metadata on the columns.