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Photo Templates

Nothing beats a good photo template to ensure that your images work well to create the finished look of your website. These free or premium templates can be chosen by keeping the features that you need the most, in mind. You may want photo templates for your business expansion, for your photo studio or even for freelance photography.... Read More

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How To Create a Wedding Program [10+ Templates]

A wedding is a couple’s starting point for marriage life. This is where most settled couples would turn their dreams into reality. It is only proper that the wedding they have dreamed for so long should be done just right. That said, with help from an expert, couples can create a great wedding program that will serve as the foundation for the events of the bride and groom’s big day.

9+ Passport Photo Templates

When you head to another country, there is one requirement you always need, and that is a passport. For some countries, you may need to send a passport picture in various passport sizes. However, unbeknownst to many people, there are certain passport-size photo types for every kind of passport. Our passport photo templates are customizable in 4*6, A4, and other sizes. You can also find ID photo samples for Indian, US, UK, and Canadian nationals. You can also see more on Creative Photo Collage Templates.

Beautiful Baby Photo Album – 10+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Nobody wants to miss out on the firsts of a toddler, ranging from walks to the crawls. The availability of baby photo album templates allow the photographers to keep a track of these precious moments and lock them up permanently for future. Multiple color combinations are supported by most of these best in business templates which also include varied page sets for making baby Scrapbook Photo Templates.The database associated with these premium options is also an extended one and users can store a lot of photos over the cloud. Print ready specs are also made available on using certain free templates which come with customizable designs and vibrant layouts. Album hues can be chosen and the embedded template builders often steal the show. With these topnotch baby photos books available online, downloading and taking printouts are made exceedingly easy. Photoshop additions render the needed support which allows us to manage any baby campaign with exceptional profitability.Starting from the maternity period to the newborn making the first move, these Best Photo Album designs capture virtually everything. Most of these essentials are brilliantly designed with fewer loopholes and include baby announcements and business card additions from the sales point of view. Analyze the requirements and take your desired pick among these innovative designer templates.

26+ Beautiful Artistic Photo Templates

Bringing out the best from your design ventures involves a lot of planning and course corrections. This means that the templates you use for enhancement of designs need to be easily executable so that you are never strong armed or stonewalled into sticking with effects that you are not entirely pleased with. With artistic photo templates of the highest order, you can literally transform the visual appeal of your images and visual designs with just a few clicks. Right from painting effects to more complex effects that transform your image into a cartoonized replication of the original, the world of artistic effects for your digital designs is filled with top class options.

14+ Best Scrapbook Photo Templates

Scrapbooks are always mesmerizing to look at, but designers will tell you how difficult it can be to organize a collection of images into a scrapbook that looks gripping. It is courtesy the availability of top class and myriad scrapbook photo templates that photographers and designers are able to bind together so many images into a unified booklet that has a design personality of its own.