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18+ Creative Kids Photo Templates

Creating top class visual designs for kids is certainly not a child’s play. Designers and image editors always find their work to be somewhat tough when it’s a kids’ genre design they are set upon. Thankfully, the digital aids that are available for them make their tasks easier. Finding top notch kids photo templates is not tough, although identifying the most suitable and fitting ones for specific designs is what tests the skills of a designer. For all those of you who are of the view that kids photo templates are just bizarre collections of bright shades and patterns of stars, balloons and ice creams, there is a lot to be learnt in terms of the contemporary stance that template creators have taken on the genre.

Pink Baby Frame

stock vector
Pink Baby Frame Template is available in high- resolution formats and can be custom made in several sizes as per particular needs. This template as its name suggests, uses pink as base color. This can be shared as a soft copy through e-mail or in various social Medias.

Family Photographs

This Family Photograph Template is used to accumulate memories of joyful moments. This template is easy to use and can be edited as well. It uses solid black color as base so that, picture imprinted here ensures a great visual effect.

Kids Chalkboard

Kids Chalkboard Template consists of a set of 24 pages and has a dimension of 21 × 21pixels. This template is available with 24 vector illustrations and 51 transparent PNG formats as well. It is available in completely print ready format and uses free fonts that are used developing this.

Pink Children Frame

pink children frame
Pink Colored Children Template delivers an amusing look. It has beautifully designed square shaped structure where anyone fit their image. This can also be shared through different social media networks and can generate an instant appeal among the viewers.

Playing Theatre

stock photo theme
This Playing Theatre Template is designed in such a way that it can be fitted anywhere, either this is in social networks, or in blogs etc. This can also be custom made in several designs as per particular needs of the user. A small sketch is encrypted here so that user can put own images in a larger span.

Vector – Baby Frame

baby frame

Children’s Photo Framework


Vector- 12195571

Vector – 11647742


Vector – 15516836

A smiling sun and graphic of a colorful bicycle enhances its design. This template can be used for both professional as well as personal uses. Easy to edit, mainly anyone can edit its font sizes and styles as per their own choices.

Kids Scrapbooks

kids scrapbooks

Vector – 10475095

0475095 theme
A baby boy driving his bi cycle- this is the theme of the template design. The template is available in a color combination of sky blue as a base color and scenery is imprinted back to this. It is used as an invitation card for rice ceremony.

Vector – 12485201

A beautiful girl with her smiling face standing is the main theme of the template. It is available in the color combination of cream and light orange. This can also be custom made in several combinations of colors as per particular requirements.

Jungle Frame

frame 8558 theme
As its name suggests it is designed in such a manner that it delivers a feel like jungle in the design. It is very much appreciated template among diversified age group. It delivers jungle book like feel and encrypted with various graphics of animals. This template is designed with amusing color combinations and two/ three objects are placed in it. It can also be custom made in several color combinations of colors as per particular needs.

Kids Photo Frames Album Template

kids frame

Picture Frame Clip Art Template

frame clipart

Colorful Cartoon Frames Photo

This is designed in a very colorful way with cartoons are imprinted within it. This Colorful Cartoon Frames Template can be used as a printed document as well as ideal for use in different digital platforms as well. This template can also be custom made in several colorful designs as per particular requirements.

This Picture Frame Clip Art Template is designed in a beautiful and gorgeous way. Various animals in cartoon formats are imprinted in this template. It can also be custom made in several sizes and designs as per particular needs.
Modern kids photo templates come to you in pretty much all colors of the spectrum.

Moreover, you can find some elegant solid shades as well, which can make your images look great. Apart from solid shades, the repositories of kids templates also boast of designs with floral patterns and somber brushes. Get ready to take a new age look at how amazing kids photos can look once they are accentuated with best rated kids photo templates.

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