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Consent Form for Photography [6+ Templates to Download]

Consent form for photography or also commonly known as a photo release form, is an important document required for the use of third-party pictures by a studio for commercial purpose. If you run a photography studio, you probably want to show off your photography skills by showing off your shots of other people. However, to make this vision a reality, you have to take the permission of the person in the picture. For that, you will definitely require a consent form template that will help you to portray your skills commercially.

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Step 1: Use Simple Colours

Consent forms for photography are not supposed to be bright, cheerful and colorful. They are supposed to serve a crucial purpose. When designing a consent form for photography, keep your colors simple, preferably white. This will help your consent form be informative and direct.

Step 2: Use a Simple Font

To serve a purpose, a consent form for photography must be clear and understandable for its readers. Using a simple font will stop the consent form from being illegible and will stop the form from creating any confusions. Using a simple font is necessary for both you and the customer.

Step 3: Create a Clear Space for the Name of Your Customer

When signing a consent form, it is necessary for customers to write their names on the form. Create clear and ample space for the customer to write their name in bold letters. You need ample spacing for the name section to accommodate people with longer names.

Step 4: Place Your Studio’s Name Clearly and In Bold

You have to mention your studio’s name in the consent form in a clear manner so that there is no confusion created. Writing down your studio’s name will also clearly establish that the customer is signing a release for your studio and that they have consented to only your studio specifically. This will prevent your studio from facing a potential lawsuit later on.

Step 5: Create Space for the Customer’s Signature

After all the formalities have been dealt with, make sure you get the customer to sign the consent form, in the designated area created by you. Their signature is the final stamp of approval for the consent form for photography.

1. Photographer Print Release Form

Elegant and yet simple, this photo consent form is the best idea for you if you are looking for sophistication. The primary colors here are black and white, other colors can be added through photographs. Easily customizable, the photo release form template is a premium one. It is available in PSD and PDF formats.

2. Photo Print Release Permission Form Template

Simple yet enticing, this release form is gorgeous and still gets its work done. The primary colors here are soft pink, white black. The addition of the color pink really alleviates the template. The sample release form template is easily customizable. The template is available in PSD, OTF and JPG formats and is a premium.

Having primary colors of pink, white and black, this template is great if you want to get straight to the point. The cursive tones in this template bring the design together. The template is available in ZIP, PSD and OTF formats. The release form template is easily customizable and is a premium one to download.

4. Standard Photographer Model Release Template

Even though this template uses a little more design and colors, it is well suited to be a consent form for photography. The model release form template is very well detailed and customizable, using the primary colors of pastels, white and black. The template is a premium to download and is available in ZIP, TTF and PSD formats.

5. Editable Photographer Print Release PSD

This template is simple and sober. It can be used craftily and for almost every consent form. The primary colors on this form template are white and black. It is a premium to download and is available in PSD and TTF files. The addition of a photograph on the front of release form makes the template look for elegant.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 19 KB


This consent form is straightforward and gets to the point. If you want to use photographs of children for your purpose, you are ought to have this consent form template. Child photography is risky business without the consent of parents or legal guardian. The sample parental consent form can be easily downloaded. The template is free to download.

File Format
  • DOCX

Size: 25 KB


This one, again, is a straightforward template. The form is easy to follow and necessary if you are using pictures of children. If you are looking for a photography consent form that is legally sanctioned, this release agreement template is for your purpose. The form can be downloaded as a PDF file through the link provided on the website.

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