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Be it digital or physical, banners are important for businesses to promote themselves upfront. Not only does the banner give a business a push, but it also adds a certain amount of character to the venture. Being a photography studio or a digital photographer, it is important that you showcase your work upfront. Having a banner design template for your work is necessary and making the correct one is just as crucial.

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5 Steps to Write a Photography Banner

Step 1: Choose Attractive Design

Before everything else, it is important that you choose a design that is eye-catching and appropriate for your line of work. If you have a specialization in a certain kind of photography, feel free to promote and feature that. If you don’t care for specialization, you can stick to general designs and still make the banner beautiful.

Step 2: Make the Words Clear

Whether making a digital or physical banner, it is important that the words you place on the banner are clear. If the words aren’t clear, potential customers might get confused and turn away from your work. Choose clear and bold fonts making sure that each word is readable.

Step 3: Size Appropriate

Before placing all your hopes and imagination on a banner, make sure that your backdrop is size appropriate. Banners are of different sizes and to make sure you are getting a size appropriate banner, double check the space in your physical area or the dimensions in your digital space. This will make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Step 4: Appropriate Colors

When it comes to colors and banners, you have to be sure that the chosen color for your banner suits the theme of your photography venture. If you specialize in matters that are considered soft, make sure that you use lighter colors, if not, you can opt for colors of your choice. Just make sure that whatever color you choose doesn’t go against the entire theme of your venture.

Step 5: Brief Description

Last but not least, when you’re designing a banner, make sure that the description you put on the banner is short and sweet. If you have a tagline or a catchphrase, that will be even better. Banners don’t need a lot of words on them to be efficient and effective.

10+ Photography Banner Templates

1. Photography Web Banner Ads Template

photography web banner ads template1
File Format
  • Photoshop


If you are not looking for a banner for your website but for a banner to act as an advertisement of your products on a different website, this is the banner you are looking for. The advertising banner design on this banner follows a pristine style. The colors used, blue and white, come together in perfect harmony. The template is premium to download and is easily customizable.

2. Photography Roll-Up Banner Template

photography roll up banner template2
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop


Intended for physical use, this photography roll up banner template uses several pictures to compliment its abstract design. This banner will provide for the perfect opportunity to showcase your work. The template is available in Illustrator, Pages and PSD files.

3. Free Photography Roll Up Banner Template

free photography roll up banner template3
File Format
  • Photoshop


This photography banner template can be manifested into a physical form, so, if you run a physical photography venture or studio, this template is great to use. The design on this one, with the harmony of several bright colors against a black background, makes for a really eye-catching sight. The roll-up banner is free to download and is easily customizable.

4. Editable Photography Banner Template

editable photography banner template1Download

The design of this template is simple and beautiful. The usage of clear fonts sets a mood and makes the banner template look clear and straightforward. The template is premium to download in PSD format, so that you can customize it.

 5. Sample Photography Design Banner

sample photography design bannerDownload

This template package comes with three photography roll-up banner templates made for physical use. All three templates follow the same design pattern of abstract shaping. The addition of photographs on the banner makes sure that you showcase your work to the public. The roll-up banner template is premium to download and customizable.

6. Photography Banner Design Template

photography banner design template1Download

The picture of the DSLR on the photography template design banner makes for a great look on the banner. The addition of classy fonts with a minimalist picture makes the banner look stunning and eye-catching. There is space for you to provide the number and email address of your photography venture.

7. Modern Photography Roll-up Banners

modern photography roll up bannersDownload

This roll-up photography banner template, intended for physical use, comes in three color schemes: purple, blue, and black. You can choose which color your final template will be in. The roll-up banner template is premium to use and it comes in a PSD file, so you can customize to suit your liking and style.

8. Simple Banner for Photography

simple banner for photography1Download

The usage of pictures in an angular format makes this photography rollup banner template look aesthetic and efficient. The usage of monochrome and bright colors sets a very unique mood for the banner. The sample banner design template can be downloaded in a PSD format and is customisable.

9. Photography Advertisement Roll-Up Banner

photography advertisement roll up bannerDownload

With colors of black, white and sea green, this photography banner template encapsulates modern color schemes and art. The colors line perfectly with the design and pattern chosen for the banner. The sample rollup banner is premium to use and comes in a PSD file, so you can customize to your liking and style.

10. Elegant Photo Banner Sample

elegant photo banner sampleDownload

The photography sample birthday banner template here uses several pictures to really showcase the work done by you or your photography venture. The fonts used have a cursive tone but they are still clear to read and easily interpretable. There is space provided for you to mention the services you provide.

11. Printable Photography Banner Design Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 204 KB


A real-life example of how photography, or banners in general, should work, this banner provides for a great insight on how to design and customize your banner templates for digital or physical use. This example is great if you are just starting out on your hunt to look for and customize your photography banner. The sample banner is free to download.

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