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7 Best Photoshop Tools for Web Designers

Web designers have used Adobe Photoshop for more than a decade now. The software’s multifunctionality and manageable interface has made it a favorite for designers. Photoshop can be integrated with other Adobe software like Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign, to a name few, in situations where the user is working on multiple projects.

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Many people use it for different Google Chrome from merely browsing websites to generating leads through various marketing strategies. With the help of Chrome extensions, digital marketing can be done effortlessly and efficiently.

Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing

Most websites nowadays are built for companies and businesses to provide information about their organizations and showcase their products and services. But most especially, new small and medium-sized enterprises use websites not just to educate but also to decide on marketing strategies for their businesses.

14+ Best Magento Plugins

Magento is one of the best e-commerce web application platform out there.Organizations and businesses are getting the most of this feature-heavy and powerful tool by making use of their available plugins and extensions. So, why don’t you do so?