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How to Create an Agreement in Google Docs

Although the elements of a contract and agreement document are similar, there are minor differences between the two. In general, a simple agreement is an understanding or a formal arrangement conceived by two or more entities to deliver and complete specific tasks or services that will benefit them both. To make an agreement official, it should be put into writing and should contain the signature of the people involved.

You can practice writing or even drafting a partnership agreement using a reference document like a contract template that you can find online. Google Docs also offers features that you can use in making legal contracts or a business agreement.

1. Name the Stakeholders

After creating an agreement title, state the name of the entities involved. Include their legal names, corresponding addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses. You can also include the name of a third party (if you or the other entity requires the help of a vendor or an individual with a particular area of expertise) in the contract document if applicable.

2. Learn the Basics

To make your agreement legally binding and not just a mere "gentlemen's arrangement", you must learn to include the basic requirements of a legal contract. This would include the time frame and duration of the agreement, termination clauses, terms of payment, intellectual rights, and the signatures of both parties. It is better to ask for assistance and legal advice from a lawyer or a legal practitioner first before creating any legal agreement contract with other parties.

3. Define the Service Range

Enumerate the actions and the services that you agreed to provide or receive from the client. Specify the standards and the work milestones to ensure the quality of the product or service that will be delivered. Writing down all the duties and the services that you and the other parties agreed upon in bullet lists will make the business or service contract more presentable. Doing so will also make it easier for one to scan through the document.

4. Keep the Language Simple

Use basic and simple language and terms when writing the agreement. If you need to incorporate acronyms and/or technical terms or jargon, make sure that you explain it clearly or provide examples to make it understandable and acceptable. It's also advisable to use a contract sample or a ready-made contract or agreement template as a reference so you can save more time in drafting the document. Doing so also allows you to focus on more important matters related to the agreement.

5. Competence

According to the study made by a U.S based bank, 82% of business failure is caused by cash flow discrepancies. That is why competence and experience matter the most. Cite the skill set and the areas of expertise of both parties that can be of great use for the realization of the project. Add the details and the requirements that need to be meet and the desired outcomes that both you and your partners want. Make sure that the skillset and the company's expertise can match the demand of your client. Document all these in your business agreements.

6. Close the Deal

Provide space in the document for both parties to sign and print their names. You and the authorized person from the other party should affix your name, position title, and the date that in which the agreement is signed. You can also request to have a notary or any third-party witness to strengthen and make the contract legally binding. This is especially important when making sales agreements and other business agreements.