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How To Create An Agreement in Apple Pages?

In general, an agreement an event wherein two parties have agree about something in common. In business negotiations, an agreement is a formal written document of the terms and conditions that the two business parties agreed upon. These formal written documents are called agreement documents or agreement letters. Agreements documents have many specific names, it depends on what the two business parties are negotiating. There are purchase agreements, payment agreements, sales agreements, service agreements, and tenancy agreements, all of which have abundant templates on our site. Also abundant in our site are lease agreements in Pages, loan agreements in Pages, and rental agreements in Pages.

Whatever form of business document you're creating, either a business plan, a business report, or a contract agreement, Apple Pages is among the best applications to create them as it has all the needed tools for creating business documents. With that in mind, we have gathered a few steps in creating an agreement in Apple Pages using your Mac PC.

1. Set Readable Fonts

Keep in mind than an agreement document is a document involving legalities and important matters. Therefore, you should set a readable and conceivable font style when writing it. You can opt to use any font you want as long as it's appropriate for business documents. According to, fonts with the highest usage rates are Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica. Moving on, 12 is the standard font size for business documents. Hence, do so accordingly.

2. Justify The Alignment

To make the agreement document more presentable, organized, and readable, what you should do is set its alignment to justified. As you write each line, you'll notice that it automatically aligns with the line on top, and that'll continue as you write more lines further down with your contract agreement.

3. Emphasize Basic Information

After applying all the necessary setting in Apple Pages when writing a formal document with it, you can now commence writing its contents. Begin with all the needed information of both parties, such as their names, company names, mailing addresses, contact number, and other reliable contact information.

4. Elaborate The Agreements Made

You can work with the other party when elaborating about the terms and conditions of the agreement document. Elaborate them in full detail, without leaving any major an minor information. Keep in mind that an agreement document must be concrete, precise, and accurate to avoid disputes and huge asset losses.

5. Implement Grounds For Termination

If the other party fails to fulfill their end of the bargain, then it should be an eligible cause for agreement termination. There a lot of situations that are justifiable grounds for termination. Before you implement them, let the other party know about them. Fraud and failure to comply with the agreement's terms and conditions are the top causes of agreement termination, according to several statistical studies. Implementing some grounds for agreement termination will compensate the financial and asset losses incurred by the other party due to their failures.