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How to Make Banners in Adobe Illustrator

A banner is an ancient craft that is usually made of cloth that bears a symbol, a logo, or a slogan. The term “banner” was derived from the French word bannière and late Latin bandum, which refers to a “cloth out of which a flag is made.” Printed banners are the most common since the age of Christianity; however, the rise of technology drives banner ads to come into reality. Banner ads are one of the current digital display advertising trends, which created a significant increase in terms of marketing, promoting, and advertising products and the business itself.

Like most flyers and brochures, banners are, in a way, effective in getting your products, services, or events across. If you’re planning to create banners to advertise your products better, we’re here to help you create one as you utilize our ready-made banner templates. Using Adobe Illustrator, consider the steps provided for you below:

1. Choose a Banner Template

If you’re currently looking for an extensive list of templates that you can download, edit, and modify, our site is the best website for you. We offer you a vast array of templates for banners, flyers, brochures, tags, labels, and many more. Explore our website and choose the right template for your business needs. Banner templates, for one, are one of our free templates to provide for you. Consider skimming all of them, and choose a banner template of your liking.

2. Use Readable Fonts

Fonts are crucial in banners. They have to be readable and big enough to attract clients or customers. For both roll-up and digital display advertising banners, make use of fonts that are easy to read even by the old ones.

3. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

The templates are all made available in Adobe Illustrator, a graphic-driven software used primarily to create vector graphics like logos, icons, sketches, and typography. This software is available and can be downloaded online for free. Utilize it to develop effective and high-quality banners better. It also helps you to be creative with the use of art and text to incorporate in the template.

4. Make Eye-Catching Design and Layout

Each template comes with preformatted content, layout, colors (white, gold, etc.), and design that you can use instantly. However, what comes with it is the fact that you can also change the original content in the templates, including the design, texts, and artworks. You may change the banner design, colors, or banner background if you have to.

5. Follow Standard Banner Size

The required banner size for business events and outdoor advertising is 3' × 6' or 4' × 8' (feet). However, businesses opt to produce banners of more substantial sizes to make a banner message and graphics be seen from afar. Furthermore, the banner text should also be 3” (inches) tall (minimum). This is a compelling banner text and fits best on larger or bigger banner sizes.

6. Print or Make Banner Ads

There are two ways to make a banner. The first is the traditional way, which requires you to print your banners, while the second one expects you to use your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Display ads, like Facebook and Instagram ads, would need a different setup but for the same standard. Ads reach a much larger audience, even those at the farthest, and are considered effective advertising and promotional tools for any products, services, and business.