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What is a Brochure?

A brochure is an informative paper document used for introducing a company, organization, and its products or services. This aims to advertise the brand by informing potential customers about the benefits of such commodities. Unlike magazines and newspapers, this item is more convenient because it is pocket-friendly and cost-effective. In addition, a printed brochure can be kept for further reference rather than being disposed of.

You can make different kinds of brochures in Adobe Illustrator. You may have a trifold brochure in Illustrator, bifold brochure in Illustrator, company brochure in Illustrator, flyer in Illustrator, or poster in Illustrator.

How to Create a Brochure in Illustrator

1. Know Your Purpose

Begin by identifying the clients' specific objectives for creating such a printable brochure. If we get to know them, then it is time to step into our clients' shoes. When creating their brochure, we should also feel like we have the same objectives as they do.

2. Put Readers First

Before creating a brochure, it is important that we consider how our readers would react. We should ask ourselves, "Is this worth keeping?" The main objective of creating a product, sales, or service brochure is to attract prospects and make them keep it for future references.

3. Use Simple Statement

Make sure the content you put in your marketing brochure is relatable. If you wish to market a certain brand, it is important that you know the language of your target audience. Then, use it to catch their attention.

4. Choose the Best Software

The best software you can choose is Adobe Illustrator. This has an extra level of customization. Illustrator can help you create all forms of graphics. Most importantly, it works on almost all computer systems.

5. Open Adobe Illustrator and Create a New File

Create a new blank document template or file by clicking "New" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N. Prepare your file by making it print-ready. Create a letter-size document (11×8.5inches).

6. Change the Document Color Mode to CMYK.

Go to the "File" menu tab, click on document color mode, then go to CMYK color. You may choose any of the colors depending on your choice.

7. Make a Crop Guide by Using a Rectangular Shape

A crop guide is used by printers to identify which part of the editable brochure should be cut. The size of the shape would be 11×8.5 inches and color the stroke using the registration watch.

8. Divide the 11 Inches Width-Space into 3

Mark your divisions then place dash lines on them. Click on the "line segment tool" icon (hollow square) on the left side of the software. Then click the dashed line on your strokes panel.

9. Add Crop Marks

Select your crop guide (rectangular shape). Then roll your cursor to the upper "Effects" menu and click on "Crop marks."

10. Group It All Together

Use your keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A, then right-click and click on "Group."

11. Create a Copy of the Group

Rename the copy of the group into "FRONT" and "INSIDE." You may do this by dragging your group to your "Create new layer" icon.

12. Add Your Editorial Contents

As soon as you finish everything, you may start by creating a background by selecting colors from your color swatch. Then, you may combine graphics and texts in just one computer system with Adobe Illustrator. Proofread the template design and you will now have a finished making a professional brochure.