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How to Create a Brochure in Adobe InDesign

First of all, digital or printed brochures are commonly used marketing materials by companies both big and small. It's a paper document that contains general information about a business' products and services, along with their promotions and offers. They're also made in an artistic manner to add flare and enticement to the business' features.

Brochures are mostly used for promotions such as travel, tourism, education, photography, health and wellness, large events, and other major business innovations. There are many types and forms of brochures available online. Here on our site, we have abundant stocks of trifold brochures in InDesign, a bi-fold brochure in InDesign, and Business Brochures in InDesign.

Here's an important fact, brochures are the best marketing materials to use to grab the attention of the market. Plus, it's also a low-cost marketing tactic. So why not try making one for your business now? We have gathered a few tips to help you with that.

1. Start with the Basic Structure

In this process, you're basically building the foundation and skeletal system of your sales, informational, or marketing brochure. Figure out what size you want your brochure to have, along with with its number of columns, margins, and pages.

2. Attach Quality Images

If you prefer to use images from the internet, see to it that it's related to the nature of your business. More importantly, make sure to grab reusable and free stock photos to avoid copyright strikes. Or better yet, why not hire professionals who are adept in photography and let them take elegant photos of your company premises and products. When attaching the images make sure that they don't appear too stretched or zoomed-in a way that it becomes pixelated. This will ultimately diminish the quality of your printable brochure.

3. Add Text

If your business is still young, you can write a general overview of it in your business brochure. Sort of like introducing it to the world and letting them know that there's a new entity to behold. And when it comes to promoting your products and services, talk about them with an inviting and enticing tone. Let the market know what's in it for them if they reach out to you. And lastly, make sure that the texts don't overlap too much with your image backgrounds.

4. Enhance or Beautify the Text

You can make use of artistic fonts for your texts if you see it fit, as long as it doesn't decrease its readability. It's also advisable to capitalize the titles of your services and promotions to make them look more engaging, and thus grabbing the attention of the market. Keep this in mind especially if you are making formal corporate brochures.

5. Apply Appropriate Finishing Touches

In this process, you'll be adding colors, your business logo, and other additional enhancements. When it comes to adding colors, give your brochure a color scheme that's uniform with your business' color motif. This helps to improve your company's identity in the market, thus making it more recognizable. Moving forward, emphasize your business logo in the brochure. The logo is your flag when venturing the vastness of the marketing world. According to, the logo has a significant impact on the public reception of your business.

6. Use InDesign

InDesign is the leading desktop publishing software, and for good reasons. InDesign has all the needed tools when making printed documents such as brochures and other marketing materials. You can make quick layout features, which save you a lot of time and learning to operate it will help reduce your marketing expenses.