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What is a Brochure?

A brochure is a piece of marketing material that businesses and organizations use to promote their products or services and to inform readers of the benefits. A brochure can be distributed to the public in a variety of ways including placing them inside newspapers or magazines, leaving them on racks, by mail, or by handing them personally to passersby.

How to Create a Stunning Brochure

1. Choose a Brochure Type

Making business brochures in PSD is actually quite easy, but you need to first choose a particular type of brochure before you can start making one. Examples of these include the bi-fold type which consists of two panels, the tri-fold, Z-fold, and gate-fold types that all consist of three panels with varying folding styles, and the accordion-fold and roll-fold types that have of more than three panels.

2. Set Up the Basics of the Design

When starting a new project, a window will open containing menus for inputting the specifics of the printable brochure design such as the width and height in inches. For the resolution, the default is at 300 pixels per inch, which is also the recommended minimum value. And if you want to pull of colorful and creative brochures in PSD, then it would be best to keep your color mode at CMYK.

3. Add your Business' Information

Before proceeding to the main topic, you will first need to introduce yourself by providing details about your business. These include the basic details such as the business logo and name, a compelling tagline, and the business' contact number. Afterward, you can also discuss briefly the background of the business while also mentioning your mission and vision.

4. Write the Main Content of the Brochure

In terms of the brochure's main content, it should be able to convince your prospects to avail of your products or services without thinking twice. Your content shouldn't just describe your products and services, it should be able to identify benefits as well. For travel brochures in PSD for example, it should explain to readers that traveling is a very good way for them to learn and experience new cultures.

5. Print Copies of Your Brochure

Before printing your professional brochures, take the time to make sure that the content is compelling enough and is worth reading by proofreading it. Go through each line to see if there aren't any errors and the composition of the paragraphs are excellent. If you prefer to have your brochures printed by professionals, it is best to save your work in PNG since this format is capable of preserving the best qualities of the design.

6. Decide on How to Distribute your Brochures

Depending on which is most convenient for your business, you can decide whether to mail your marketing brochures to your target audience or to hand them out personally. If you choose the former, you may need to spend a little more on the envelopes and stamps that will be used for mailing your brochures. For the latter, on the other hand, distributing brochures may require optimism, persistence, and a lot of patience.