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How to Create a Brochure in Publisher

There are multiple publishing software programs that can be used in creating templates such as Illustrator, InDesign, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher. The aforementioned software programs are also used by commercial printing technicians and professional graphic designers in creating brochures. A brochure is an informative, promotional, eye-catching document used in introducing products, services, organization, and business to potential customers. Microsoft Publisher is one of the most used image editing programs by designers. Here are a few guidelines in creating a brochure using Microsoft Publisher that can help you get started.

1. Plan Your Brochure

Whether you are making a travel brochure in Publisher, school brochure, church brochure, or any marketing brochure in the same file format, it is important to have a plan and to determine your target customers. Having a plan allows you to be spontaneous in creating your brochure since you'll have an idea of what details and design to use that is appropriate to your audience.

2. Conciseness Is the Key

The content of a brochure is meant to entice and inform potential customers about the product or organization you're advertising. Marketing media, like brochures, is not the right avenue to be verbose because its goal is to directly grab the customer's attention.

3. Determine the Type of Brochure

The first thing you must do after opening Microsoft Publisher is to choose the type of brochure you are going to use. The type of brochure that is commonly used by the majority is the half fold or tri-fold brochure in Publisher, but the program offers various choices, and it is for you to decide what to use.

4. Make It Stand Out

Presently, people are more visual than they were before. Your challenge, as the designer, is to layout an eye-catching brochure, or magazine template in Publisher. Your goal is to make it stand out among other brochures, booklets, and pamphlets displayed in the rack. Be sure that the designs you used to complement the topic you are writing about. Remember, a well-made brochure can easily grab the attention and interest of the reader, and at the same time, it inspires the reader to take action, thereby making it an effective advertisement.

5. Print High-Quality Copies

According to an article in Auto Remarketing website, about 90 percent of car shoppers find printed brochures helpful. Brochures are more effective if they are printed in high-quality printers and papers. Coated papers are much preferred in business because it adds a glossy and professional touch to the document being printed, thereby making it more attractive compared to ordinary papers.

6. Release Your Brochures to the Public

How would you market your product if your marketing tool stays only on the rack? Marketing specialists should decide and make techniques on how these brochures reach the general public. You can distribute your brochures through hand distribution, direct mail, display premises, public places, newspapers or publications, and digital versions. This task requires you to be persistent and optimistic because there are possibilities of you being rejected, especially if you are distributing it by hand.