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How to Make a Remarkable Business Card in Illustrator

When was the last you have ever received or handed out a business card? Did you think the recipient would like to have a business with you? Well, according to, a card is just considerably 2 by 3 inches; thus, a business card shouldn’t focus on telling the company’s entire story. The professional and simple image should be kept in mind in order to expect that the target market will remember your brand. Brand popularity gives a significant contribution to the business to prosper.

Creating a business card doesn’t just stop seeing your prospects receive your business card; you must make sure they keep it for future references. It is important that a modern business card conveys the company’s image in totality.

1. Identify Your Target Market

Make sure you use the appropriate combination of graphics and texts. If you aim to market children, it would be best to use bright, primary colors, or you may also use alphabets and numbers as your aesthetics. However, if you run a financial services business, choosing a black, gray, or white background would be best to convey professionalism in your corporate business card.

2. Let the Logo Prevail

When we speak of band promotion, business cards have no difference with flyers, brochures, etc. Aside from brand promotion, they also aim to make actual and potential customers to remember your brand. Thus, the business logo should be the biggest element in promotional material. To attract more prospects, create unique, and modern designs.

3. Keep It Short and Simple—K.I.S.S. It!

Do not provide too much information on your card as this will lead your prospects to find your business card annoying or it’s simply just too much. However, it should include your name, title, company name, address, phone, fax numbers, and social media handles; pretty much the best contact details to be reached by the customer. Most importantly, make it easily readable.

4. Always Prepare Your Business Cards

You should always bring your creative business cards with you. Whether you’re walking in the park, attending conferences, or attending business parties, you should always make sure to give more than one card to a prospect so that they will give it to others as well. Printing out more business cards can be a good investment especially when you get more clients in return.

5. Choose Adobe Illustrator

There are lots of tools you can use to fully customize your business card design. Adobe Illustrator just raises the graphic designer in you; garnering more than a hundred thousand search volume clearly indicates that people are relying on this software. In addition, this creates files with manageable sizes and can be completely scalable with available in-panel editing. Furthermore, this software works on almost any computer system.

6. Bring out the Designer in You

Whether you wish to make a business ID card, coffee business card, vertical business card, blank business card template, letterhead business card template, restaurant business card template, stationery business card, construction business card, or freelance business cards, all of these are readily customizable when you choose Adobe Illustrator.