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What Is a Card?

A card is defined as a thick piece of paper that's printed with a design and text. Most cards are used for writing a message or a greeting to someone although there are also other cards that are used by businesses mainly for marketing purposes. Cards vary in size and thickness depending on the user's own preference.

How to Make a Card in Illustrator

Learn how to make cards efficiently using Adobe Illustrator, it'll give you more control over your card's design than when you're using Adobe Photoshop. This is because Illustrator uses mathematical constructs for creating vectors, the primary files used in Illustrator projects. For a step by step tutorial on how you can make Illustrator cards, refer to the list below.

1. Launch and Set up Adobe Illustrator

First and foremost, open Adobe Illustrator and create a new project. Afterward, a dialogue will pop up allowing you to input the various physical attributes of the project. Regardless of the project's dimensions (height and width), just make sure to keep the resolution high at 300 PPI (pixels per inch). Setting it in this resolution will help make every element on your card look sharp and appreciable.

2. Add Background Elements to the Layout

Make your card's design appear livelier by simply adding a background, and this may either be a solid or gradient color, a pattern, or an image. Take note, your background should always be appropriate to your purpose and message. If you're planning to create Christmas cards, which sell more than 1.6 billion copies annually, make sure to use colors, patterns, or images that fit the occasion.

3. Add Textboxes and Write Your Message

Select the type tool by clicking on the T icon on the left side panel. A drop-down menu will then appear which will allow you to choose how you want your text to be added. After writing your messages, greetings, or letter inside the textbox, you can reposition it anywhere on the layout and even apply some text effects to it. If you want, you can actually create an entirely new layer specifically for the textboxes.

4. Add images or illustrations

After adding the text, you can now start adding the graphical elements such as images or illustrations. With over 180,000,000 graphics created every month on Illustrator and 500,000 images available in Adobe Stock, you can choose which ones to add to your card design. And this where Illustrator is more superior to Photoshop, it actually allows you to freely edit the elements without any quality loss.

5. Save, export, and print your card

Although online cards and social media websites allow for a more convenient way of greeting people, many still enjoy buying and sending printed cards. In fact, an average household will end up buying around 30 individual cards in a year. Once you're done designing your card, you can finally save it in your desired format and then share it or have it printed.