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What is a Card?

A card is something that is given to the public or to a specific person for the reason of advertising or greetings. Weddings, Christmas, anniversaries, business, and thank you cards are the most common. These are either handmade or printed and designed according to their purpose.

How To Make the Perfect Card in Adobe InDesign

If you want to make sure to make a creative card, you must decide first on whether you want it handmade or printed then prepare the tools that will assist you in making one. You must coordinate your card's design to the event that you are attending or to the service/business that you are advertising.

Did you know that 80% of the greeting card sales come from women? This is because they buy multiple cards at a time. The majority of these cards are birthday cards and the Christmas season is the season where people give and receive cards the most.

1. Use InDesign

In case you have decided to digitally make your card, we encourage the use of Adobe InDesign. It consists of buttons to assist you in crafting your ideal card. Explore the program to find your niche.

2. Decide on Your Card Size

Before you input your designs on the card layout, decide on its size first. This is to help you estimate the designs you will be putting. If you decide on this later, there will be a possibility that your designs will be altered.

3. Decide on Your Design

After having decided on the size, you may now proceed to your design. Make sure that it matches the event or conference theme you're attending or the service/business that you're advertising. You don't wanna mislead your card's recipient.

4. Finalize Your Card

Once you have finished incorporating the design, finalize your card. Review if you have missed specific info on the card, committed a typo, or you want to add some changes into the card. If you think everything is perfect, then you can proceed to print. Make sure that your printer gives justice to your card design.

5. Make Sure that Your Envelope Matches the Size of Your Card

Sending your cards in an envelope has a different effect than sending it without the envelope. The envelope makes your card even more presentable. Make sure its size matches the card, not too tight and not too loose.

6. Give It Out!

Once you have enclosed it in an envelope, it's now time to send it out to your recipients. Make sure you have the appropriate addresses of your recipients so as not to send it to the wrong person. For recipients that are not in your area, you can send it through electronic mail (email) and no need for you to enclose it in an envelope. It's advisable to keep a list of your recipients so you can keep track of which ones have been sent the cards and which ones have not.